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Hmmm, seems like a good idea. Now I gotta find some online friends aha

This seems like a lot of fun! I need to get more local friends so I can actually play against someone

Ooh, this is a fun platforming concept!

Thank you! Agreed with the controls in the opening scene, it's definitely the product of not knowing quite what I was doing for most of the 2 weeks.

"changing too much meant to also change the level design." Yup. I hear you there. Only so much can be done on a time limit.

Really fun puzzle concept. The intro had me stylistically grooving, and the actual tutorial had me howling with laughter. The music fit the feel perfectly. I'd love to see this game go further.

The atmosphere of this game is so well done! The visually barren landscape and player, with the eerily ambient music that was matched perfectly. And the landscape is right around the perfect level of low-poly to satisfy my nostalgic love for 90s FPS games.

The character's movement speed did catch me off-guard at first; felt like I was running through a landscape that I should be exploring more carefully. Of course I also know what it's like to make a 3D game from almost no experience in two weeks, when some things like this are hard to tell until the point when it would take another 3 weeks to adjust.

Also, games made with UE seem to enjoy trying to launch in VR or at least switch my default audio device to my Vive like Steam VR is set up to do. I dunno, I think I read something about a VR setting that is on by default in the engine; I don't know much detail beyond that, but thought I'd mention it.

All in all, great game!

That's me! (thank you). Was a fun song to put together

Cool art style, neat story, fun item collection mechanics. I really liked this.

Big thing I'd suggest is having the character's portrait beside the speech box. It can easy to tune out the line above with the character's name, and get mixed up who's talking.

But overall, I really enjoyed it.

Ooh that's neat, and hard. The character is cute - kinda reminds me of a cheesy 90s educational game, which is a good bit of nostalgia for me

Hey neat concept!

That was an enjoyable little story. Neat way to tell the story through the notes taped to the wall, and I love how the music sputtered out right before Accretia's name is revealed on its first run.

How could I not reference Rush? :)

I love this game! It's a challenge without being too frustrating, and such interesting interpretations of the sounds within the song.

That's a really fun concept.

Also I'm glad someone used Actual Warfare - I knew when I first heard it that it needed to be in one of these games

Thank you! Was a fun way to learn

This is really fun, neat concept!

It would be very handy for us as well to be able to put the walls on the grid lines, instead of taking up the entire grid square. We don't use roll20.