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very fun and funny but i also need durum now thanks

going to be thinking about this one for a while... loved the ethereal distance of the warped photography along with how intimate and disturbing the narration is.fantastic

really loved the art and writing here, wandering the wastes of the pleasuredrome, the feeling of metal fingers... sick

really loved this, the sort of weird clawing nostalgia in the No Future does remind me a lot of britworld, but i found it hopeful and poignant all the same.

absolutely adored this, the audio was fantastic, and you really captured those uncomfortable moments looking in the mirror in vicious relatable detail... will stay with me for sure

i wish these little guys all the best

i keep forgetting the ramones are real. all is wamoney.

if there is a hell i'll see you there

how long can this go on

domino club forever

haunting (and haunted) visual novel, i loved the use of photography over visual novel sprites, the absence of visible humanity creating an intriguing distance in a story that is deeply concerned with what it means to live... really beautiful. thank you for making it.

the poem is good and i love the way you presented it, the self replication and corruption of assets... also there's move tech

really loved the way this blended script and diary... the dialogue was wonderfully naturalistic and well observed, often funny but also... bleak. lots to think about! thank you for making this :)

i did think the beetle was cool thanks for showing me

thank you for your kind words! glad you enjoyed it

really loved this... masterpiece of girl cruelty...

adored this, the violence is beautifully sensual but also loved the grim economics of it, reminded me of like Folding Beijing and uh, Marx, naturally. a beautiful mechanical flower of flesh and blood.

i did not find the secret ending, going to bepiss myself

That was lovely! Not just in how naturalistic the DM's feel but in how it uses its presentation to blur the lines between person and persona, dreams and reality... gonna go cry in the shower for a bit

o h . . .

I'll add more filters next time, apologies.

(Fullscreen added now thanks for the suggestion!)