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I hope you feel better afterwards :(


Glad you thought Jack was cool. He was hard to animate.

I'll see ifni can figure out what's causing the bug.

Thanks! Going to make sure my next game is equally interesting, though it will likely be a very different genre.

Thanks for the detailed feedback! Perhaps someday I'll make a game that beats the chicken challenge. 

No download needed, you play the game in the browser. Wait a bit for the game to load and there should appear a large button called "BEGIN".

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I'm always open to suggestions to make it better.


Thanks! Jack scene was definitely the one that breaks the earlier patterns of the player being in full control. Thought it was a suitable way to build a last scene.


Love your videos, and thank you for playing!

Love your videos!

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Thank you for the donation! I guess doesn't have private messages attached (though it really ought to). Got your email, checking it out.

:O That's a lot of TikTok views.

Thanks! You have some really good horror games too!

Glad to hear especially from you Psychoclownfreak!

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Simple but fantastic game. I do feel a bit slow early on, but by late game I'm steamrolling. Hitboxes feel forgiving, though kind of necessary with how overwhelming the enemies are.

Some suggestions/complaints:

- At the 5:00 mark, sometimes you get insta-damaged by the boundary.

- The reticle is a bit small and hard to see. Could be made slightly larger at least when you're not firing.

- Add a flash of color to the reticle when you're at your last bullet so you can tell you're almost out of ammo without needing to divert your eyes to the top left.

Thank you for trying out my game and I appreciate the feedback! I do plan to make more awesome games in the near future once this one is fully polished. Love your YouTube channel too!

This was great!