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This is beautiful! Great work!

This is such a cute asset! Will definetly keep my eye on it!

Are you panning to expand it or release more assests under the same artstyle?

Your artstyle is awesome! Thanks for sharing!
This is really amazing work

So cute! Great work!!

Wow this looks amazing!

This is really cute!

This is so pretty!!!! I'm in love with the tilesets you're releasing

This is gorgeous!! Great job!
Im so excited for your next Tileset (saw it on twitter) do you plan to make even more with the same japanese style?

Thank you for replying!
Just bought this Pack, and the Dungeon and monster's one (Village one is next :P) and im seriously in love with it!

A character pack would be an amazing adition! Currently working in a Fire emblem like game, and the character pack would come super handy, as of right now Im taking the base hero sprite (from dungeon pack) and trying to draw over it to make it fit for other characters (I hope thats ok with you)

In any case thank you so much for sharing your work! I look forward for more assets packs from you :)!

This is gorgeous!!!! 
Do you plan to add Snow/desert (or any other more) themed tiles in a  future?