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TBH it's a good idea but the idea of the  is that it's supposed to challenging and be your a small website developer. Ironically if you read the tuxedo guy's conversation with you he talks how hard it  is (forgot his name).

So this game looks really good and i would play it but i can't understand like if  the game can be played using Wan (i think i got that from the description of the game) but Then how do i connect?

You have to look into your mail (still guessing u did that).Just look into every folder for mails;spam, normal, mail, trash bin(email).

It's headline should be something about a  survius Verification.

you need any email 

No prob

fun good and not laggy at all!

Extremely fun but i think each weapon from the right should cost more eg. Ak47 0$(free) spiper = 100$ and so on and so forth.

Also i would need to say as the validating message is in the spam folder you the (creator) has responsibility to verify the validate messages.

Hello, i have validated my account and for reasons that so many problems people have about validating i did this:

*so i guess you have made your account and have gone into your email looking for the mail you should have just got, now here's the problem I also didn't see it but if you look in your spam mail folder it should be there. If it's not, look in other folders and if it's not even there reply and i'll try to help the best i can :D

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the game looks good excited to play it just need to wait until it loads up D: