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Changelog maybe? 

Rift CV1.

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What is the changelog for the update that was uploaded yesterday? Regarding the issue with water being white on outer edges in VR and image mismatch, I know what setting turns it on - antialiasing set to off or low. This problem is visible in this place (not this image per se, it's your promo image) 

Basically when water is more or less dark, edges will be bright and they will stood out.  Regarding mismatch - with anti-aliasing set to off, sometimes land patches in the distance will have different fog opacity, and water about 10m away from viewpoint might have very different brightness for each eye. Maybe that's connected to screen space reflections that you use, which limitations are very visible when looking up and down on water.

On low LOD settings, some objects like rocks or flowers will be rendered only for one eye. 

Regarding vignette when turning - it seems to be connected to ASW, when I hold 90fps it's not visible.

Is it possible to add fixed weather conditions in menu? I would like to travel around whole place in similar weather, right now it changes every minute or so.

If you set flat screen version's FOV to 70, resolution to 0.5 and view distance to 0.2 and go to that big river mentioned earlier, you will see this bug with bright edges too. Screenshot:

It works fine with Rift CV1, so probably all Oculus headsets are supported, even Quest using Link