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Seems like I've reached the limit of my smarts/ingenuity/patience at around lvl. 20.. 22 has got me totally stuck too.. Read your hints and yeah, I can get the right and centre into the RH portal but can't see how to get the left 1 into the LH portal or the contents of the other out of the centre island.. ?!.. EDIT: and yet I just got lvl. 23 reasonably quickly  (15 mins?)  which you consider tougher (with the aid of your hints admittedly)..

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Thanks A12r13 - easier than 20?! Gah.. your comment helped, though indirectly - somehow it triggered a breakthrough on how to get a 6 and myself into the right position to open the first lock. I'm now able to get to almost thru but with a 6 where I need a 9... EDIT: Ah, got it! Yup, so obvious and simple when you get there..

OK, so nearly all of them seem impossible at first glance but 21 is killing me, particularly after I found 20 to be relatively easy..  and particularly as it doesn't seem to given anyone else any trouble!.. Hint please?..

Damn, the solutions are so devious but so obvious when you get them! This game is going to take me a  year at this rate.. love it.. kinda reminds me of Riko

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Gah.. I can't even see how to start 18 without going over the hole, and even then I'd need to steer each 'key' symbol over that point to get them to their 'keyholes'..  EDIT: Ok, of course, I'm forgetting all that I've been learning!.. Still stuck with how to get all the pieces in the required end position though!..

Ha ha, no kidding.. I'd been getting thru them ok then that one stumped me for days but opened it up this morning and got it first try.. 

Hey Andrew Yes, by giving up on Firefox, uninstalling it and making Chrome my default browser - now everything works fine again. Maybe I'll try to reinstall at some point to see if issue is resolved but I hit a wall and didn't want to waste any more time on it. 
I didn't try the direct link but thanks anyway.
Still LOVING this game though I've got to 'Winding'and it's getting tricky now - I can see where I need to get everything to but the order of ops is baffling me atm.. Cheers

Thanks for the reply. I have come to the same conclusion as I'm having issues with other sites - Facebook & Netflix - yet I've followed the Mozilla help advice to enable cookies and either can't find items where they say they should be (the 'Allow cookies, etc' button in 'Cookies & Site Data' in 'Security & Privacy', or the item doesn't exist  (I have 'Manage Exceptions' rather than 'Manage Permissions').. I'm set to 'Standard' in any case which should allow everything - the odd thing is I can't even log in to Firefox because it says 'Cookies and local storage are required'... I'm baffled.

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I was REALLY enjoying this then I did a force restart of my laptop and now the game won't load when I hit run game.. I just get a pretty night sky.. any idea wassup? (Mac, Firefox)

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Nice one.. Now I've just gotta try to resist looking.. currently baffled by 17.. EDIT: All done! with no looking.. Great little sokoban with just the right level of difficulty for me..