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Sure sure, I'll look into how canvas' more if it means avoiding limiting resolution on the build-out.


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Hey! With the text/ canvas I settled for a HD resolution which turned out fine on my 1280x800 macbook but I recognised screen variance will differ largely and might be buggered so I addressed that lightly here;

Despite working with a fixed ratio of 16:10 (Apple standard) I was getting wildly varying results on building out when testing. It's not that canvas' are strange I just don't seem to have a grasp on them yet.

As for the store page, yeah, that was me trying to be clever and get people to find the game's smarmy description, oops. When trying to garner interest in something I'm building, perhaps not obfuscating the first point of entry might not have been a good idea (although I was relieved to find it actually worked on mobile with highlight, which was to be expected but that's just a testament to Itch's consistency).

Framerate's chugging on your build, or is that general advice for another build another time?

Yeah, ignore the launcher's key bindings.

I added multiple spawn points to prevent players holding down individual keys to nudge the ball away on reset; unless you've been incredibly unlucky and every instance where the ball resets has been around the C/ spacebar key, that's quite unfortunate. There are however tools I implemented to ensure the ball doesn't get stuck (for me to say it's never happened to me nor it could never happen would be disparaging to your case), but in all probability for the ball to either not respond to input in the lower-half of the screen or simply freeze within the perpetual-velocity machine outside, is quite slim. Physics I guess.

Eventually the ball will make its way offscreen, it's down to you if you place value in its efficiency in doing so.

You already completed the game's short loop, in a sense.

Slow motions in smearing your hand across the surface of your keyboard (hopefully not a mechanical one) nudge the ball around the space, then, after leaving the viewable area, it resets. Though anything too abrasive and the ball either juts about a single spot or slowly meanders its way into the distance.


Every key? Both numerical and lettered?

If nothing prominent's moving, there's probably a problem.