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not sure if I contacted the wrong email but I msged you about some commission work if you are still interested.

will you be making more sets? caves? inside cabins, farms etc?

will you be making more characters and animations for this set? female and/or up and down walking sprites?

well I need a slasher type enemy and a forest ranger, I am making a horror game and using some of your sprites. Can I email you or contact outside here?

hey i bought the guy n girl, would u be interested in a small commission?

this is really impressive since hardly any forest packs I have seen have animations like this. Will you be doing more stuff like cabins, tents or may i contact for commission work?

these are incredible, what size are they?

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this is wonderful! Do you happen to do commissions? 

this looks awesome, will you be adding more tiles to the set like bushes, dirt and water?

awesome! thanks for the quick reply and keep up the great work 👍 

this seems to be only asperite and no png.

these look great and I am gonna use them. Also, will you release the pine trees and rocks in your main page picture?

these are excellent! Will you be making more like these? Possibly basements or even spooky ones? Gonna use a bunch of these for my game 👌

Will you be making more of these in different locations? This is honestly the best NES styled set on Itch.

these are awesome, are you available to speak about possible commission work? 

are you still working on this? it looks really darn good.

will you be making more styled tilesets like this? possibly urban like hospitals, factories etc? I am actually making a game and looking for those types of sets.

do these also come with the shadows?

This is fantastic! will you be making more different styles like this? factories, hospitals? like urban type stuff perhaps?

hey dude, I am curious if you do commission work? your military art was perfect for the game I am making.

Incredible game, can't wait to see more from you!


Fantastic, loved every second of it!

thank you so much for these, they will help me learn the program much faster! Will you be doing tutorial/templates for RPG and Point and Click type games?

Hey dude I love your art! I was wondering if I may speak with you about adding a couple animations or some commission work to the guy above and possibly another sprite. More than happy to pay/credit for the service. Where would the best place to speak be?