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Happy to have helped 😁

Hi Skyleray, why not join our Discord where we'll have team building sessions and workshops to help people meet and form teams 😁


I'd consider purchasing this if it included the model files (.obj, .fbx, .vox etc), so please do let me and zbalai know if that can be done

Kind Regards

I really like the style, but could you split up the objects into individual models please? So the ships and islands are separate files

Hi everyone, 

If you've not yet joined our Discord, we recommend you do here:

We've got two events coming up!

GDL's Winter Game Jam Q&A

Thursday 26th Nov, 11:30am~12:30pm GMT

Ahead of the Winter Jam and Game Dev Lunch, we'll have a one hour Q&A session where you can ask any question you want about game jams and game development! This will take place in our Discord Server in the 🎤game-jam-voice-chat channel -

GDL's Winter Game Jam Kick-Off and Team Finding Session 

Friday 27th Nov, 5.55pm - 7pm GMT

As we start the Winter Jam, join us in the 🎤game-jam-voice-chat channel as we announce the theme and help everyone to find teams. If you're struggling to find a team or team member, join us so that we can get everyone together! We'll also go over the rules to help clear up any confusion. 

The theme for the first Game Dev London Summer Jam is:


And when we say London we don't just mean hit us with your biggest Ben (although you of course can if you want to). Use some of these questions to guide your thinking: 
What does London mean to you?
What do you think of when you hear someone say London?
What are some images/objects/things that represent London?

Your game doesn't need to be set in London, nor necessarily include anything from London. As long as you can tell us how London inspired your game, and we can see that shining through, then you're on the right track. 

Remember, you can also enter other jams as well. Incorporate London into your game as well whatever their theme may be to apply to ours as well!

Let's get started and we'll see you in the Discord ( for breakfast tomorrow!