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love the art, its amazing. Tho, the items and their uses isn't very intuitive

Hell yeah! been waiting for this one! Love the rouge-lite feel to it

why cant it be longer doh :(

great voice acting, really love the color pallet. This is just as good as Scriptwelder's games, if not better. 

wow, really amazing animations. You can tell a lot of heart was put into it. Plus the game just has a good feel to it, not as corny as others

idk i love the psudo-3D look with the pico8 games. I made my raspberry pie 3 into a handheld emulator console and I would love to figure out if I can stick pico 8 games onto it. THE QUEST FOR KNOwLEDGE BEGINS

pffft speedran this in no time 

like the Russian police, firm yet fair

dang really enjoyed this one. I think if I were to nit pick, I'd turn down how rapid the enemies appear per level, and raise the first person camera up just a bit more off the ground. I really love the health/currency management system too, very interesting. 

hardest enemy in the game is the fuckin' acid lol. but I LOVE the aesthetic. You really nailed down the "feel" of the weapons, which is subtle but at the same time important. great stuff

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really good, dunno if it was luck or I have the mind of a angsty teen but I cracked it in maybe 10mins. Maybe I'm just sherlock holmes ova here!

p.s. that being said I probably missed out on a lot of the narrative so fyi to people; take it slow so you can feel the feelz

bomb ass dank ass.  i think im addicted to pico-8 too