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It runs flawlessly now. Thanks again. The only thing missing is an icon for list mode. ;P


Love the app but everything seems a bit clunkier and slow since 4.2Z update. Scrolling is a bit of a pain and going back to the tracklist kind of scrambles the music.

I see...

Are there any differences with the Catalog version?

Well deserved!  I'll have to double dip then. Any chances you offer some kind of discount to your buyers?  ;)

Are you bringing your games to Catalog?

Nice, thanks!

Are you still working on this?

Start the game and press the settings button while you're on the title screen.

I like the turn based idea. That would be a great addition to the game.

Love the game. Are there any chances of adding an endless mode (no timer)?

Thanks, I didn't know about that. Dpad and crank is ok. Found the option to disable voice over too.

What happened to the setting to turn off the voices?  Also, are you implementing the option to catch ghosts using the dpad and buttons? Thanks.

I guess not.

It doesn't look very comfortable tbh. And you block the screen with your finger.

Not that I recall. It just happened twice out of 5-6 runs I played.

Love the game but sometimes when I play, the game's actual background gets swapped with the game's cover art.

Not a fan of the screen orientation either. It's why I've been holding off purchasing it despite loving the original.

Second the marking cards feature request. Great game!

No worries, man. I'll wait for that 2.0. ;)

After some testing:

-Yes, it happens only in A/B mode apparently

-It happens every time

-I've tried with and without the case and there's no difference (A/B mode always)

Just tried it. Sadly the issue remains: it's game over even if you hide the shredder.

Yes, now it's working. Thanks!

Did you have the chance to look at this?

I play on the device and the HI is always 100 and LAST remains 0.

Love the game but it won't save my high score.


I have the exact same issue with the lawyer always catching me even on 1.2.1

Shouldn't your pets die of starvation? I feel the stakes are a bit low if they can't die. ;)

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Hey, is there any chance of adding an option to play vs the cpu on Greed? Thanks. Love the game.

Man, I love this game but the cpu feels a bit owerpowered. I might not be the best player but the cpu manages to get six of a kind or triple doubles way more often than me. XD

Love the game. But it would be great if pets had a few more animations than just moving around: maybe sleeping, jumping, playing with stuff...


Hey. Love the game. Any chance of an alternate control method to undocking the crank? Maybe using the d-pad or buttons? I fear I'll end up breaking it otherwise. ;) 

Thanks! ;)

Hi, love the game but I end up losing sight of the crosshair all the time. Any chances you could make it stand out more somehow? Thanks.