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Anyone who wants to join and make team with us, join this channel: https://discord.gg/j5FBdzJ

Who know, maybe we will take part in another jam together? Would be pretty nice :)

I made roles for developing guys, graphics guys and sound guys. If you want to join, just hit this link above!

Created a new topic Let's make a team!

Hi. My name is Adam and I am making games. I work with Clickteam Fusion 2.5 software and I actually can make pixel-art but I am not pro. If you want to try yourself out in developing game with team, reply in this thread. Looking for sound making people and graphics would be helpful too.

So in summary: Not pro dev looking for non pro sound designers and eventually graphic designers for pixel art. We could make an discord channel and discuss there.

So... wait, this is another jam? I don't get this. Can someone explain?

Whoa, I did not expected that! Thank you very much for answer! :D

Oh god, in the past i was dreaming about UWP exporter existence. And its here! Niceee :D

Created a new topic What about MMF2?

Game can be developed with MMF2 or its really needed to develop it in CF2.5?

Replied to esp in yay!

I think that you can participate it online :D

Created a new topic An question.

Hello! I'm creating game for clickteam game jam and I have question. There is "Must include #IWantToCreate credit graphic at bootup" at requirements. So I just need to add #IWantToCreate text when game is starting? Or I need an special graphic? Thanks for help!

Posted in what happend?

Thanks for reply, I will submit project today! :D

Created a new topic what happend?

hi, i want to make game on this jam but i am not sure that wil you open permission to submit game? :D

Posted in hello? :D

Submitted, GOOD LUCK! :D

Posted in hello? :D

Ok, thanks for reply, I will create a game about CHICKEN :D

Created a new topic hello? :D

Hi! I need some info about this jam. Is there any theme or I can make game like i want make? I alredy started.