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So... wait, this is another jam? I don't get this. Can someone explain?

Whoa, I did not expected that! Thank you very much for answer! :D

Oh god, in the past i was dreaming about UWP exporter existence. And its here! Niceee :D

Created a new topic What about MMF2?

Game can be developed with MMF2 or its really needed to develop it in CF2.5?

Replied to esp in yay!

I think that you can participate it online :D

Created a new topic An question.

Hello! I'm creating game for clickteam game jam and I have question. There is "Must include #IWantToCreate credit graphic at bootup" at requirements. So I just need to add #IWantToCreate text when game is starting? Or I need an special graphic? Thanks for help!

Posted in what happend?

Thanks for reply, I will submit project today! :D

Created a new topic what happend?

hi, i want to make game on this jam but i am not sure that wil you open permission to submit game? :D

Posted in hello? :D

Submitted, GOOD LUCK! :D

Posted in hello? :D

Ok, thanks for reply, I will create a game about CHICKEN :D

Created a new topic hello? :D

Hi! I need some info about this jam. Is there any theme or I can make game like i want make? I alredy started.