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adam ashraf2

A member registered Sep 10, 2018

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Oh.... Okay... Thank you for your reply.... Can't wait for the upcoming future updates 

I just wish if the updating process was bit faster..... ("my patience is killing me because I am not a patient person 😂") 

Just so you know guys I really appreciate your work on this game and I thank you all cause it is a pleasure to play such game 

Ummm..... I already have finished most of current quests and I just downloaded the 35.8 version and it does have improved but just soo I know..... When will the story and quests continue?..... And can you please add more characters? Because after all I need a harem of 151 girls 😂.... And I just quiet feel there are little bit not enough characters..... But I Really love the game soo much and I can't wait to know the end of this story