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I really love it, but I wish I could move the movement joystick. It being exactly on the bottom left of the screen is a little uncomfortable on the hands. Still good game tho. :D

So. For mobile, can you make the on screen controls editable? Not a fan of the movement on the right hand and the buttons being so big. Other than that, pretty solid.

Alvein 0.57e community · Created a new topic Crashing

So. I downloaded the windows version and used it on joiplay. And I have to say, it crashes way too frequently. Even more than when the android version was out. It's frankly annoying, but the game itself is pretty good. So that's what is keeping me playing. That is pretty much my only complaint. Frequent and random crashes. Have a good day. :D

Ouuu. Well I can't wait to try it out whenever it's released! By the mean time, best of luck to you good sir! :D

Ahhh. Okie. Well Goodluck with the game in the future then. :D

At least you didn't put your fetish as monster. I'm the idiot that did that. ;-;

So some feedback. The models and stuff look nice, and this game definitely has potential. There is gonna be some nit picks in this feedback, so sorry.

So first off (not in any actual order), the combat. I'm playing it on joiplay, so could be bad for me, but the combat is kind of slow, and the ui is kind of small. White on really light pick is also a little hard to see. This is going to sound a little dumb, but if there's 1 enemy, could you but them in the middle of the screen, instead of the far left?

Also, some of the scenes are lagging. Like the Modius scene. I ended up quitting the game and trying again to see if it was a fault on my side. But I guess not cuz it still lagged.

Again, a couple of these problems could be because of joiplay. But still, pretty good effort. :D

Hmmm. Screenshots look interesting. I'll download and come back with feed back. :D

Pretty good game. The hit box for the first level was a little big, but still. Pretty nice. :D

As someone who basically just started, I'll just wait for episode 8. Also, stay strong. Hope that everything cools down soon enough.


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So um... yeah. Im having the same problem as others, if not a similar one. I beat floor 2, lost on floor 3 and now I can't reaccess it no matter how many times I beat floor. Hopefully there's a patch soon to fix this. :D

Can't wait! :D

hmmmmmmm. Okay. Hopefully nothing that hits the mc in the feelings lol. 

Anyways, thanks for the response, and have a good day! :D

So, just out of curiosity.  I went on the patreon page to see the kinks, fetishes, whatever. Will the cucking and cheating be happening to the player? Or will the player be doing them? If so, will they be optional?

Also, this is a solid game. :D Designs are pretty cute. I'm enjoying the game so far. Keep up the good work. :D

yeah. I had the lions thing equipped, so I replaced it with the cock ring and I barely passed it lol.

nah, I don't know what to do for the final trial. Where fox lady tells gives you a choice between booba and butt . But either one I pick just ends up sending me bk to the village. 

Oh, and I'm lvl 50+ lol. (Can't remember the exact number)

So um. I think I need help. I did the hypnosis stuff with the fox waifu, and now when I reach the final trial, I keep failing. Can someone help me figure out what to do pls?

Did you set that as your fetish in the beginning? If so, that's why. At least I assume.

Dw dude, take your time. :D

All the best to you, and everyone else. :D

*please say if it's alright to comment here or not, I don't know lol.*

So, the game looks good, but I'm playing it on joiplay and have no idea how to move lol. Like, I'm seeing green squares and hearing some kind of beep, but I'm a little confused lol.

I mean, is it supposed to be 0 bytes?? 

That's kinda small lol.

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Ohhhhh. I think people were probably afraid that if a relationship were to happen, there would be an actual ntr scene in the future. At least, that's what I would think. I also wouldn't like see to see a love interest in that position. Also, playing the game and enjoying it so far (only played like an hour lol). Great job! :D

So, I downloaded it. Gonna play it in a bit. Just curious tho, what was the ntr exactly from before? I didn't want to see it because people somewhat hinted at it in the comments, but what happened?? O-o

So. This game looks and sounds interesting, but I'm gonna wait until the next version. Read some of the comments and I don't want to even look at the ntr (I REALLY don't like that kind of stuff). Excited for when I'm going to play it tho. Art looks pretty nice. :D

Ahhh okie. Thanks alot! Can't wait for the update. :D

Loving the game, but I don't know how to increase sanity. I know I have to use items, but how does one get items to increase sanity?? I know you can get 1 by giving the flowers to the gardener and trading those flowers for a stress thing, but other than that, I'm lost lol.


Ngl. I'm into it lol.

Ahhh I see. Well, a month later and I completed most of it. XDD Great game BTW.


Hmmm thanks!! I'll give it a try. :D

So now here's the problem. How the heck do you update this on joiplay?? Anyone know??

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Ngl. I didn't even know there was a statue problem.

If it's the 4 statues puzzle needed to progress, I used probability to figure it out. Lol.

Played this on Joiplay and had an absolute blast getting all the endings!! I was confused when I saw demo tho. Is this a demo, or completed game (aside from bug fixes ofc)? will there be any more amazing games like this? God I can't wait. Great job!! :D

Some criticism now tho. A couple of grammar errors lol. But nothing major. I do remember a spell not being translated in the description. A couple lag spikes, but that could be me and joiplay (mostly occurred when getting a crit).

All in all. Great game!! Does this make me a furry now? I sure hope not. XDD

To me there we a couple stuttering. Like when inflicting a crit. Other than that, nothing much. I really enjoy this game. :D

Ah I see. Well all I can really say is best of luck to you!! This is genuinely  a really cool game, and whenever,  if ever, there's a mobile version, I'd be happy to play it. But until then, focus on and PC or whatever. And thx for the info! :D

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Ah I see. Well all I can really say is best of luck to you!! This is genuinely  a really cool game, and whenever,  if ever, there's a mobile version, I'd be happy to play it. But until then, focus on PC or whatever. Better to prioritize the actual making of the game than ports to other devices. And thx for the info! :D

Is it going to be as creepy as this?? If so, I'm gonna love it lol. Legit, a couple of the scenes had creep factor, more than actually scary games lol. Keep up the amazing work! :D

Um hi, do you ever plan on making this for Mobile? This is looks like a really cool game and would love to play it. :D

Seriously can't wait!! (I can)

Never seen an NSFW game with an undertale/rpg playstyle like this before. One can only imagine what choices and paths are going to occur. Maybe in undertale fashion, a genocide, pacifist and neutral route? Who knows!

Best of luck!!! :D

Dude come on. You talk about the law like you know it. All this because of a discord chat. Lovely. Sounds like you should go touch some grass, drink a nice cup of water, and relax yourself. 

Best of luck in life I guess.