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Yesssss, I did have the therese problem. It's good to see these fixed. Good work. :D

Jeez dude if you want a dude having sex with monster girls so bad, go play one of the hundred rpgm games or unity games out there. If they wanna make good games that they want, then leave them. I'm sure they'll get more people to play eventually. Just a matter of time. :D

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So um. *cough* can you help a dude out and say where it is pls? ;-;

Nvermind. Stupid glass.

Really good game, just even after setting the sensitivity to the lowest, it's still so damn sensitive lol. And maybe so more visual options would be nice, like disabling the blur and stuff like that. Just some quality of life stuff. But good game overall.

ayooooooo thanks alot!!! I'll try these while waiting for the update :D

not gonna lie, this game is kinda hard lol. (could be a skill issue). Any hints on how to play good?

Also, the game is pretty fun, I'm just bad lol.

Nah, it was actually pretty easy to get to be honest. Especially if you get teleports. Good boss tho. :D

wait, so is there a new boss? Or next patch or something?

ahhhhh okie. Thanks alot!!

Quick question. Is there any major difference in routes? Asking to know if its worth doing the other route.

Cool. :D

Does the puppet do anything right now other than walk with the player? Also, anti aliasing. Cool. :D

God damn it. Ah well, best of luck to you and the team. :D

I should apologize too. Making a game is hard, and i really shouldn't expect alot for an android version. So do your best at making the game fun and enjoyable for everyone. :D

Welp. Theres the json error again. And its not an apk. Did you put android by mistake, or is there a bug or something?


Just found this game. What happened with stealing??

Sadly doesnt work on joiplay or easyrpg. Just kept getting some missing json error. Ah well. Looks good tho.

Not gonna lie, saw rpg maker and thought i could play this on joiplay. Sadly no. Ah well. Game looks cool tho. All the best in the future. :D

ohhhhhhhhh okay. The 2gig limit is kinda dumb tbh but ah well. Im sure theres a reasonable explanation.

What is lil??

i know. But i swear this game had a mobile version before.

So, is there no mobile version anymore??

Heyy, so are there plans for a mobile version? The game looks interesting, so just curious. :D

Not gonna lie, didn't expect a response. Just said what i said as a joke, and know you guys are working hard on other things. So all i could really say is, best of luck!! I'm sure everything wil be fine. :D

So um. Is this game still being worked on? Its been quite a long time lol.

joiplay lol.

I'll try this out. From the screenshots, it looks like using python, so it should be interesting.

Quick question. Wasn't there night time sex events? Or am I thinking of a different game?

Welp. Looks like I'm gonna have to start all over again lol. Gonna wait for the next update, then get it. :D

In the middle of the first one  and now this drops?! Well damn. Good stuff man. :D

Oh well damn. Joiplay doesn't work with unity games. Ah well. Eventually I'll play this game. Best of luck to the future by the mean time. :D

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Is there any plans for a mobile release? Not usually into ntr, but this looks and sounds pretty interesting. :D Also, may I ask what is used to make the game? Cuz maybe it can be played on joiplay. :D

why not all? Actually that may be too much lol.

Maybe a post apocalyptic game? You already have the food and water system in the game, the combat in Ashley is pretty good, could bring it over, and maybe there could be different endings. Just a thought lol. 

Keep up the good work, and all the best in the future! :D

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So  a little update. It's strange, but right after you transition into another area, opening the menu stops it from crashing sometimes. Really weird. 

Playing it on joiplay.

So. Game was pretty damn good for the 1st 20 mins, until I had to go outside. The game laggy and crashes. Even during the first park scene with the runner it crashed. I don't know what's wrong, if it's a joiplay issue or what. I really want to continue enjoying this game but can't really do that with the crashing. 

Good game overall tho. Love the art style.

so, I think I've done everything I could for now, even tho it says 40%. Pretty good game. Keep up the good work. :D

I really love it, but I wish I could move the movement joystick. It being exactly on the bottom left of the screen is a little uncomfortable on the hands. Still good game tho. :D

So. For mobile, can you make the on screen controls editable? Not a fan of the movement on the right hand and the buttons being so big. Other than that, pretty solid.

Alvein 0.82b community · Created a new topic Crashing

So. I downloaded the windows version and used it on joiplay. And I have to say, it crashes way too frequently. Even more than when the android version was out. It's frankly annoying, but the game itself is pretty good. So that's what is keeping me playing. That is pretty much my only complaint. Frequent and random crashes. Have a good day. :D