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Acunym Games

A member registered Nov 30, 2019

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Awesome game!. Great story, great characters, and the scenary is amazing! Hope to see more content from you!

Such a great game!

A great short horror game

Such a great game. I love horror games that have their main element of horror as suspense because this game defintely had a lot of suspense when you are looking for the power core boxes.

A Great short horror game

Such a good game!

A great short horror game.

Here's my video. Such a great story. With great characters. I like how we continue with the story of the boy instead of having multiple main characters to worry about.

Awesome! If you guys do continue, I can't wait to see what happens to this boy. Especially after the 6 years that have passed since anyone has seen the boy! Keep it up.

Hello I just finished making a video for this game. And I can definitely say that this was a great short narrative game. I do have a question, will there be any more short narrative games in this series? Because you made the main game and this is the sequel.