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excellent ambiance, tres bie!

I used to play this game a lot on android, it had 3 or 4 different posible rules, and each tiles had different mechanics to them, one of them allowed you to stack pieces on top of each other, if you had more  than one on that tile, they couldn't be removed, so these tiles were key in order to advance in the race but also to block the opponent. I triad the Egyptian game too but this one is much more fun.

a very nice execution of the game, but it'd more fun if we could have the variation route and the spacial rules for the tiles, like the tiles where pieces cannot be nocked off the board, or the tiles where pieces can be stacked on top of each other.

is this singleplayer or multiplayer?

what's going on with the visual novel section? I don't get it.

excellent! chef kiss!

so something weird happened, I put all my troops inside the castle, and after the 3rd time the necromancer raised the dead he hopped on the dragon, then flew directly into battle, an exclamation point appeared on the crow, and then the necromancer just died instantly. finished the 3rd challen too :D

I thought it was df, or was it?

you know, I have always struggled with dwarf fortress, sometimes I'm just too tired for all that, this stuff is really good to play with a cup of coffy, between all the nature sounds and the chill guitars it's a real treat. GJ :D

if you change the font type you can change the resolution, some fonts are bigger and others have a -2x, pick those ones

this is the coolest!

optimize the game plz, ty ;)