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255 it was there the whole time aaaauuugh

top page of web games

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pre cracked egg


there are tons of games like this

undo just deletes what you placed last so why would it not do that

it looks like waves

 shift while scrolling to rotate something, and just scroll to change somethings size. you have to put a camera in front of your screen for this to work

just watch

really fun!

i mean, a fisheye effect is realistic, because it happens in the real world, but we're so used to it that we don't notice it, so in a game it wouldn't be realistic.


wow this game is really good and it's cool this is made using C++. i noticed you had a fisheye effect on things, and you can fix that by instead of just simply using the distance to the player to calculate wall height, you can use (distance to player * (cos of (direction the ray is pointing-the direction of the player))) im not sure how you would program that in C++ but thats basically it. (this would only work if this is a raycaster). your welcome if this is helpful :) im not actually good at programming lol