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Least snake-infested motel in northern Florida:

(irritating teacher voice) I don't know, DID you poop yourself at the produce section?

Hm. Today I shall type "toes" on the title screen

t. cluesless person

Hm. today I will upset the clown

I've gotten past the padlock and obtained the map, and now I'm completely lost. I've checked the doc for hints, but I have no clue what I'm supposed to glean from the objects on the map. All I can gather is that the clock being stuck on 12 is probably important, and that some number related to the other two objects come before and after the middle object (as indicated by the bottom of the map). I know there's supposed to be a major hint I've missed or misinterpreted but I swear I can't come up with any reasonably important numbers to associate with those other two things. I also want to ask if there being five possible digits you can put into the phone is supposed to be important or a red herring.

Also, the discord link isn't working. 

Game crashed shortly after the hero killed the first non-skeleton enemy. I pushed out a few lower level items I felt were unnecessary just beforehand. Here's a screenshot:

The wardrobe photo, creepy painting, and random articles pinned to the wall all show a black rectangle on inspection, and the leathery mask shows a semi-transparent black rectangle. Is this just a bug on my end, or is anyone else having this issue? I imagine those are supposed to have graphics showing the things described and is somehow connected to how to get the safe code, but I'm not sure.


Wanted to report a bug aside from the one already mentioned.

Near the end, after the part where I read the documents in the folder, I went upstairs and when I inspected the TV, got text from Fio saying "I don't think either of us are in the mood for games". I think this is a bug, might wanna fix. For the record, I did this after playing up to the error message in the browser version and loaded a file in the downloadable one, so that might have done something.

10/10 40-minute existential nightmare, Mr. Ondricek, elevated my blood pressure higher than two metric tons of meth ever could

Thank you for telling me this. One more question, if you could- does he move between rooms on his own pace, or just whenever you enter another room?

I like the game, but is there any way to tell where August might be before you meet him? 

While I was playing, I let my brother make a choice, and he sent the knight to the dungeons. Will he ever come back, or is the knight gone?