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Game crashed shortly after the hero killed the first non-skeleton enemy. I pushed out a few lower level items I felt were unnecessary just beforehand. Here's a screenshot:

The wardrobe photo, creepy painting, and random articles pinned to the wall all show a black rectangle on inspection, and the leathery mask shows a semi-transparent black rectangle. Is this just a bug on my end, or is anyone else having this issue? I imagine those are supposed to have graphics showing the things described and is somehow connected to how to get the safe code, but I'm not sure.


Wanted to report a bug aside from the one already mentioned.

Near the end, after the part where I read the documents in the folder, I went upstairs and when I inspected the TV, got text from Fio saying "I don't think either of us are in the mood for games". I think this is a bug, might wanna fix. For the record, I did this after playing up to the error message in the browser version and loaded a file in the downloadable one, so that might have done something.

10/10 40-minute existential nightmare, Mr. Ondricek, elevated my blood pressure higher than two metric tons of meth ever could

Thank you for telling me this. One more question, if you could- does he move between rooms on his own pace, or just whenever you enter another room?

I like the game, but is there any way to tell where August might be before you meet him? 

While I was playing, I let my brother make a choice, and he sent the knight to the dungeons. Will he ever come back, or is the knight gone?