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A Couple of Drakes

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Howdy, Mac,

Glad you're still kickin' out there, boss. Paydays get an additional +2 to their Cred (and likewise Load) value when they're more valuable than you first expected. They've still got all their switches and gauges and mounting plates and suchlike, so they're a bit more of a pain in the keister to carry but the folks who'll pay for them will pay a little more to compensate your trouble. Bringing half of an atmospheric grav-shunt back to the chromepickers will only get you half of what it's worth, but if that half is worth more than you expected--that's still not too bad. You don't need to hump the whole thing, but it's a lot nicer when you do if you take my meaning. A Tier 1 payday's generally worth 4 Cred. When it's worth more than you first thought, it effectively becomes a Tier 2 payday (6 Cred). If you only carry half of it out, you're still netting 3 Cred...which is fine, I guess. Plenty folk live longer when they hedge their bets...but that other half'a catalytic compression manifold would look a lot better nestled in Rusty's hold, wouldn't she? 

Hope that helps, Mac. You keep scrappin' and send a crackle and hum if you find yourself in any more binds, y'hear?

Chariot, out.

Hi there,

Physical copies are currently available through Amazon in soft and hard cover, and DTRPG in hardcover, we'll have them for distribution straight from us after we've finished up all of the Kickstarter distribution, which will be in a few more weeks. Thanks for asking! :)

The full version's a beefed up version for solo or co-op. All of the expanded content's usable in both cases. Hope you enjoy the Ashcan. The Belt will be out there waiting when you're ready for it, Belter.

For the ashcan?  No problem!  I'll drop a few right now.  For the kickstarter version,  we've got some social stretch goals up that'll make a total of 500 community copies of the final game available!

The ashcan release here is yours in perpetuity, but the dramatically expanded version is going to be a separate product.

Great points! Examples of play are key to getting folks who haven't gotten much FitD to the table to really grok the way the interlocking systems work together in play to ground the ongoing fiction. As it stands, we were trying to get the ashcan, the in-development and earliest iterable playtest, into folks hands. There's still a lot of work to be done before we can call anything finished or really be happy with the draft as a whole. 

As for Tier, it's a helpful abstraction but it's hard to nail down. Tier 2's magnitude, scale, and quality is a discussion that might occur in the fiction, but as a quick wag of what I'd consider a Tier 2 obstacle? That'd be a checkpoint patrolled by 8 guards in bodyarmor with automatic weapons. They've got effective gear, communications equipment, there are more of them than a standard Cell, and they've got positional superiority. That's a /tough/ challenge to a cell starting out, overwhelming maybe. But with the tools available to a Cell--teamwork, flashbacks, using stress, load items, etc--they can bypass or overcome a Tier 2 challenge even as a Tier 0. It's a nasty setback, but doable.

Tier's abstract, and it's something that we'll definitely be exploring in greater detail as the ashcan develops. 

Good question. No explicit mechanics for determining mission type just yet. Right now it's the Friction as a whole designating Mission types for Planning. Kind of a "hey what are we doing tonight phase." Planning generates the Mission details (what's to be done, what's to be gained, what might be lost).

Definitely shades of Enemy Within! Great call!

Can't breathe...lungs full of rainbows...heart so full...

Thank you for continuing to be a defiant force of "YES" in an ocean of no. Your enthusiasm is rocket fuel, and it keeps us moving forward. Fast.

They would merge pretty beautifully! That right there is a really exciting thought!

This kind of comment is absolutely pure, undiluted joy. That's my motivation to keep making stuff sustained for the next week! Thanks so much for sharing your story.

This is absolutely why we like putting ashcan versions out while we're in development. These are great suggestions. We just wrapped up an 8-episode arc with our home game and managed to forge an alliance with the Tellurians to aid us in our struggles against the Clave. Next season (after we play a couple of other games) will have us racing against our enemies to seek out a new home for Humanity with our new allies.

Thanks for checking out the game! We look forward to giving DISASTER/WING a revision and expansion soon!

In many ways, yes! It's built on the same architecture, but with some additional noodly variation of our own. 

So as the game stands right now, the Grit, Gear, and Glow refresh to their current maximum value between salvaging days. That's likely to change in a future iteration, but as it stands right now, that saving grace is on your side!

Grit can be used on any challenge roll except for Gas checks. Same with Gear. The only stipulation is that Gear has to be used before the roll and can't be declared after a roll you'd rather not have gotten.

Again, we're heads down and hustling to rectify and expand Dead Belt, and we really appreciate this kind of great feedback. Keep it coming as it comes up, and we'll see if we can't build a better Belt for everyone!

You've got it exact. The passage reads as intended, but we have indeed noticed some repeated misunderstandings. We'll look to clearing that up going forward.

Outstanding! Humanity's counting on you!

Thank you so much for letting us take up some shelf space in your collection!

Give us a little time, and we can probably build something to suit!

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There's some talk here at House Drake of doing a limited run of DISASTER/WING and DISASTER/PEACE in physical, but first we need to get Skyworthy printed and shipped. 

So short answer, YES! But longer answer, not soon.

Thanks so much! I hope that when it hits the table you've got everything you need to tell rad as hell Teen Mecha-jock stories!

That's an interesting question. We've never run it as a solo-game, largely because it's got an underlying theme of teamwork to overcome long odds. There might be the bones for a lone-pilot hack in there somewhere, but that'll take some brain-bytes before I could recommend. I'll do some research on solo FitD games and get back to you! 

Thank you so much! We were trying to remove as much of the stuff that made Forged in the Dark games such a hard shift for us when we first fell in love with the system while still keeping the stuff that makes Forged in the Dark our favorite system to run and play.

Feedback like this is basically the highest compliment we could've received. Thank you!

Glad to be of service! Thanks so much for downloading. 

Good eye, too. We'll squash that typo gremlin. 

Thanks so much, Michael! As a proponent of collecting TTRPG stuff as reading material AND as game-running material as separate but linked hobbies, I'm glad that we managed to deliver.

Your joy feeds our joy.

Cold in space,  not our hearts. Thanks for reaching out.

Howdy! Sorry for the lag in comms, but we've been traveling and I just now saw this notification! Let's get you back to gettin' wealthy, Belter.

1) Every time you transit a module, you roll for Gas. Discovered, undiscovered, still takes time and energy to move around these birds safely. It runs out quick, I know, and it's gonna mean you probably can't check every corner and bolthole before the O2 gauge is in the red and you've gotta run back to the 'lock. That's alright. There are upgrades on down the line that'll help you out.

Now barriers are different. If you manage to get around a barrier without difficulty, that module is done and you don't have to roll on it again, aside from Gas. If you just squeaked by, then that barrier will let you through the once but it's too dangerous or sealed or otherwise gonna keep you from transiting through again. If it's blocked, tough luck, Belter. Going to have to find another way unless you've got an Override Key.

2) The Payday Move does a lot of heavy lifting and we've gotten some feedback from people who aren't used to games with a "Pick X" or "Spend Hold" kind of move economy. Like the Airlock Move, you roll your die and based on what you roll (6: choose 3, 4/5: choose 2, 1-3: Your payday's already stripped or busted), you choose options off the list. The things you choose are true, everything else is not. You can choose to make "Removing the payday won't cause the ship to come apart" true, or you can not and then roll the Shipbreaker die as things start coming apart at the seams. Every time you encounter a payday and roll the Payday Move, you choose from a bunch of bad news, trying to minimize your risk and maximize your gain. Same with the airlock. 

If that's still not clear, I'm happy to steer you around the curves as best I can. 

Thanks for picking up Dead Belt, and thanks for taking the time to seek clarification rather than writing it off as busted, partner.

We'll see you out on the Belt.

Chariot, out.

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As it stands right now, HEDGE is intended for a GM and two to four players. A solo version IS however currently be in the works. Stay tuned!

This is absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to spring this on my players the next time the group is down a couple of members. The pool-system and the stress that the scarcity of points is going to bring look spot on for the drama here.

I love this. Thank you.

A phenomenal playbook that I can't wait to get to the table. Well done!