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i just put the first thing that came to mind for the name lmao

"You open your mouth to interrupt, possibly retract the question before he can answer but he beats you to it. "_____, of course my opinion of you is higher than the Council's. We're business partners, we've built Nachos up from the dirt."

I text like iggs and it feels so awkward tryna be the other person 😅 I got ditched by them at the end 🙂

It was a cool vn, but I'm still stuck on why the supposed best friends are only texting each other once every few months...

Yes that's what I meant :)

wait what?? no way you just had that entire childhood story about Enid saving Olivia's articles that fell in water and you ended off this story by not having Olivia find the scrapbook :/

pretty, sweet, and sad... so many things left to experience, but with time cut short, they take reign to make a final bittersweet memory 🌃

jeez... ovo;

cringe but you got a smile outta me 🙂

tried all the routes i was given at the end... surprised i chose (imo) the best ending the first time :)

should i assume that for different actions, the ending text for each option also differs?

All the characters are so pretty ToT... and oh geez, it really is so lonely here.


My favourite is probably the princess or the witch (one and the same?)

Didn't realize there was a true ending, but replayed it after reading the extra notes -although Medea undoubtedly made Rosette suffer, it can be understood from the story that her way of love is misunderstood and not generally accepted. I felt something when she mentioned that a witch's love was too much to bear ;-;

ahh unfortunately did not work on me haha

its two in the morning, the blinds are closed, the lights are on, and I'm worried more about the test result🤭

Hmm, did you check up on "Serze" in the restroom?

Heheh nailed the hidden job! 💰

I can't unsee Tadeo's resemblance to Xingqiu haha 💙 The art has me captivated

Just checked the character link -he has a soft spot for hamsters? Count me in 😭🤧I'll take him home

Read this a few months ago and *phew* I was in tears past midnight. Had a huge list of things I wanted to say but unfortunately forgot to post them... main points!

Alice x Mad Hatter 🤧💕 absolute best, my heartstrings were pulled along for a ride.

The music matched so perfect, and I love the way it spelt out ALICE? My favourite track was Down the Rabbit Ho[L]e -it just has this touching sorrowful tone and a feeling that time is ticking away...

Hey, just wanted to add on here. I love your games, and when it comes to yandere characters, you're at the top of the list! Seriously, you're doing great.

I appreciate how interactive you are (ie. comments, posts) and how much you do for us despite your own troubles. Your messages feel conversational, and give the impression that you're an affable person, and someone I'd like to talk with :D 

Wishing you a great day~

morris is too soft to be my type but he's so cute :'3

definitely had to stay behind w/him a while longer~

Melissa (normal) was nice (and I saw the flash of her creepy look while she was talking about the sky o-o I had doubts) but honestly I preferred her outta control ver. haha XD

took all my words! it's a collective experience~

ahhh i need more ToT

all of the characters are so cute and (fictionally) likeable

click the title name "superstition" and it'll lead to chapter 1

urgh i dont like choi's attitude but he is quite pretty...

i was super confused what I was supposed to do the first time when dodging lightsticks lmao -> I restarted the game and they started shooting the opposite way(will never hit me) so then I passed(?) haha

i've no idea what's happening, but i want more XP

prior there was a popup which basically indicated the inexistence of the prologue- i assume it's been worked out now with the page content update

after the most recent update(demo bug fixes and prologue overhaul) i cant access prologue if i enter a custom name

ahhh so cutee i squeaked when i saw the last line <3

ahhhh this game was so cute and fun to play! everyone was way too optimistic for me but it was definitely uplifting haha 

nightowl was the one i resonated with (and liked) the most :")  ...architecture is a good field though wdym...

next was probably quest. i thought he was quite unexpressive seeing how fair/mod personality he is, but i was completely off <3

i couldn't really connect with xyx. too much energy i suppose, but I  liked the latter half of his (good) route- less messaging energy and more emotional(?)

nakedtoaster's route was chaotic lmao. he was very sus in his route with the actions(we hear a lot more from him; he is usually absent a lot during the other routes) and colour theme(green flashes) that I completely overlooked the other possibilies

all of their bonus stories(i only unlocked the good ones so...) were very cute ehe~

+ the voice acting, especially the low & kinda hoarse voices- o///o 

(1 edit)

alright i'll try that, thank you :>

edit: ook that was indeed a bit extreme... i think I'll stop at this change of heart route haha ^^

this game really knew how to string along my emotions...

i got the four branch routes at the bottom, but no matter what I did, I couldn't find any way to achieve the top branches... i checked out the reddit thread in the comments below, but I couldn't find those choices in the game... would appreciate some help here :d

ayy haruki is so damn smooth- lines, actions, what not

all the character designs though ✨💕 I would've honestly dated "myself" if it weren't for the plot lmao

ahhhh after buying the game and waiting for so long I'm ecstatic I finally got to play it (just got the laptop today :)

absolutely fawning over castor ☆*.o(≧▽≦)o.*☆

pretty :D 💕

💀💀 not the shifu going "i'd love to be able to do it myself, but my back has been giving me problems lately, so I can't bend down for too long..."

ooo all the routes were pretty good... i liked willow and darlington's the most (and i preferred harlow's "bad ending" where willow doesn't appear over his "good ending(s)") 🥴

:000 oh my... family murder history plus shared love???

florian is so cute... why did gramps go to such lengths to kill him? >:(

it was relaxing to explore and investigate, although i was really confused when the game suddenly ended after i talked to branislav twice- a bug perhaps?

eeeeee xiao bite me 😳