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I had fun and thought it was neat! 

I really got a kick out of this game! I had a lot of fun and the puzzles were sooooo rewarding! I liked the horror references even though I didn't even get all of them! Thanks so much, I had a blast! 

Oh wow, thank you so much! I didn't upload it because there really wan't too much to it... I started the game, could look around for a couple seconds, then freeze.

Anytime I pushed TAB. Instructions popped up automatically, I pushed tab, I couldn't get more than a few seconds to run. :/ Best of luck!

V1.1 I just downloaded the game 4 days ago

Hi! I hit a glitch that made one of the pumps unpumpable, but it was a neat little game. Thanks! 

Hey there! I finished Moe's! I ended up getting stuck for about an hour on a pump that was unpumpable but eventually got it! Here's my playthrough, thanks! 

Hey tried streaming tonight and kept crashing

I had a blast!! Thanks for such a cool game! Any  plans on expanding on these concepts? 

Ooo both of those have been on my radar! I'll rabdonly pick one and post it on the correlating itch page when it's all polished and published on the tube. Thanks so much for reaching out! I'm excited!

Loved how cute and spooky this is!

I really appreciated this game. 


Hey  I absolutely LOVED this game. It really got into your head. I appreciate so much a game that can scare you just from atmosphere alone. I definitely kinda got out of bounds at times but it actually added to the horror. I had a blast, thanks! Hope you enjoy my play through :) 

PS - Can you share with me how I correctly pronounce the title, Kju'ytre? Thanks!

Change of plans I'm hitting it tonight!

Hey at least you actually made the deadline! As an artist myself, it's easy to get caught up on the little things or self-criticism and just end up not publishing anything- so, much respect that you finished a project! You put something out and despite whatever rating, not many people can say they made a frickin video game. Plus, it was your first one! Anyways, yeah I'm totally down to give it a whirl! Looks like it would fit in my September schedule so I'll play it sometime this month and post the vid when  I'm done! Thanks for your reply, can't wait to play!

Ohhh! I had no idea! It was still super fun and I had a blast. I really really enjoyed it!

!! Does this mean I didn't actually get lost? :3

Woah. Just woah. This game was so scary to me. The story, art style and direction were spot on. I cannot wait to see what else you come up with. Thanks for a wonderful game! Here's my play through! 

Awesome! Thanks for the reply. The atmosphere was amazing and I can't express how much I appreciated the ominous and eerie vibes. Sometimes the scariest games are the ones without jumpscares, but a gripping and mysterious story. Thanks again!

Oh hell yeah! That's already on my list! I'm saving it for October when I up the spook-factor. I cannot wait to play it though! Thanks for the reply! I'll be sure to share when the vid is all up and ready.

:D Can't wait to play again!

I had so much fun solving the puzzles! Thanks for a fun game! 

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This game is nothing short of horrific, soul sucking nightmare fuel bringing us all back to those days in retail. Yes, it scared the ever lovin' buhjeezis out of me and I LOVED IT. Did I beat it? Almost.

 Thank you for such a fine piece of work! 

i cried. (spoilers)

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This game was absolutely stunning. It often left me speechless. I loved the ambiance, art style, direction, story, everything. What a beautiful game. I had a wonderful time. Here's my full play through. Thank you!

PS My friends and I really loved the soundtrack and were wondering where we can get a copy- thanks!

This was an amazing trip of a game! I can't wait to take another crack at it because I got lost in the abyss during my playthough lol. I LOVED this game, thank you! 

I had so much fun with this game! It was a snail bashing, rock 'em sock 'em good time! I found myself habitually gravitating my left hand to WASD keys, but eventually got the hang of it. Thanks for such an awesome game! Here's my playthrough!

This was a wonderful ride! It's that cheeesy Troma-esque horror in a game that I've longed for! Thank you so much for this game! Here's my playthough - smell ya later!

This is a beautiful piece of art. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed this game. Any plans to build upon  this concept? I hope so- this game is great! Thank you!! 

Hey all, I'm doing a Youtube series thru Oct 31st where I play a game every day and I have had a blast playing a few from this Jam! Most importantly I'd like to say thank you so much to everyone for your submissions and for creating such unique and interesting games! I'm so excited to see what else this community  comes up with!

So far, I've played SÏMSÏN, The Enigma Machine, SNAILS, Plead to The Mountain God, Death Flush, but I'm open to all kinds of stuff! I'm building a list and there's a lot more to come.

If you'd like me to play your game, lemme know! I just love Halloween and indie horror games and this is really fun for me!