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Awesome work, this is one of the most unique tilesets ever!

Hello! The 16x16 sprites seem to be missing from version 1.2.2, is this intentional? 

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On rare occasions, "File -> Save Project"  stops working and actually wipes out the entire  squeaker-project file. There is no error message in the UI and the file contents will be completely erased. The project file still exists, but its completely empty and has no contents.  I  haven't found a way to reliably reproduce this, unfortunately. 

EDIT: I was able to reproduce this with a small test project. I  found that if I delete the zero-length corrupt project file and then save again, then it will be saved correctly. That still doesn't explain why it's getting corrupted in the first place, though.

Cool, I didn't want to assume. Let me know if you need any other system information or details - I'd be happy send whatever info you need.

I'm not sure if this counts as a bug, but the program locks an entire CPU core to 100%  just sitting idle. The "Limit FPS" option didn't help. Windows 10 x64.