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um nami I need help like help help help help ahhhh

by the way Nami nice game it' amazings

Hey Nami it's me Acklen long time no see i have a graphic pad and guess what im workin on my first game ima post it on hope you play cause i also have a game company cat jump so ya

guess what name im getting a graphic pad soon!!!!!!!!!!!!😅😅😅😂😂😂😅😅😂😂😁😁😁

oh ya sorry I tryd to predict time andwere u were going to see the comment but I couldn't so I spamed but sorry��😅😅😅

nami how did u learn to program

nami how did u learn to proggram

um nami what did u mean when u said note cute things highlight and coppeey these two answers/ a1:find then draw/a2:iff u don't know what to draw look in the all things cute note

thank u name for teaching me

please reply to me

um name my friend techling wants some help from u to become a good game desighner

please teach me how to draw like that

(1 edit)

nami teach me how ur drawing styles are unique please teach me