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This console is incredible! I'm a developer, and I have one question: How can I make something like this myself?

also, i have a weird bug where my billboarded sprite always shows on top. whether he's in front, behind, he is always on the front. any idea why this is happening?

Hey! I pulled some code from this into my game. Would you mind if I sold my game (which uses this code, but not the art)? Also, would you mind if I made that game open source? Thanks in advance.

Alright, thanks!

So, I have an idea for an RPG, and I'm wondering if I can copy my RPG engine from another project. This would give a a HUGE headstart though.

oh frick, didn't realise that. 

Alright, thanks!

Alright, thanks!

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Can I use a tool, such as "Github for Unity?" ( github-for-unity/Unity: GitHub for Unity )

Can I copy an RPG engine from a project I'm making?