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You'll get a notification in your itch feed about updates, and the updates will be free to download if you already bought the game.

Looks like a big ol' generator on legs, I love it.

It's awesome that you're able to make some more. Unprecedented times and all that, I didn't want to be pushy about the new alt-frames, but was definitely quietly hoping you'd make your awesome pixel sprites for them. Absolutely adore how this one came out.

If you liked the core Flying Circus content at all, and are considering getting Horror of the Heights, then you absolutely need to. It adds so much amazing and weird to the world. And more optional crunch for those of us who crave that ♥

Was waiting off to leave a review until i had a chance to actually run the game. While it is super fun to just theory craft, especially with the amazing plane builder tool, it really doesn't compare to actually getting into it. The game itself is a little intimidating at first because of all the moves, but they are pretty separated, you're never really dealing with all of them at once. After you get over that initial hurdle, the game runs so smoothly. The play cycle is cut up perfectly, i've legitimately never played a game that felt as perfectly paced as Flying Circus.
As a GM it's so easy to get into the crunchier mechanics of the game, you really only need to add as many layers of crunch as you are comfortable running, and you can always add more as you get a hang of the mechanics.
10/10 Would watch in horror as all my players attach wingblades to their planes again.

Not sure if you've gotten an answer some where else yet, but just in case you haven't, Long Rim is only 68 pages including the cover page.

Recently bought the NPC pack and I'm absolutely in love with it, just a big fan of the pixel art style. Really appreciate how different the npc frames are, even the ones that cover pretty similar roles in combat. Best example is the recent Specter and Assassin designs you added in. Very much looking forward to every single future update.

I don't think it's supposed to be referencing a pre-built map. Just pointing out that there should be areas of Difficult and Dangerous terrain on the map you make, and what is different about that terrain than normal. It is worded a little weird though, could definitely have been more clear.

It's page 50 in the book. I don't think any exotic gear is in Comp/Con yet. Last I heard the guy that does Comp/Con was working on an update that'd make exotic gear easier to put in.