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comedy is not about poop jokes. It's hard, yeah,  but that doesn't mean you can take the easy way out. You should start with brick jokes in an actual environment, in which you are distracted in between.

god freaking- I hate how you need to remove and re-add the jump mod to actually jump, and how the hat just keeps going up even if you stop pressing it.

ok, so.

1. hitboxes GODAMN HITBOXES. The attack is too short and when I jump over enemies, i'm just teleported down and get hit.

2. you can't attack those air balls or whatever, which is kinda annoying. Just gotta jump straight up while they pass underneath ya.

3. you can't attack upwards, which makes the bats really fraking hard.

4. INVULNERABILITY IS NOT A THING. I still get damaged while blinking.

I loved your game, but... FODA means "fuck" in portuguese. So yeah, you might want to change it? idk if you care with that, i'm just warning ya.

really nice game :D