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Rn I'm playing version 1.54 and just by reading some of the text it doesn't make sense here's an example when you translate it: Reiko: Goode Valve, keep up the Good work. 

Also a lot of the words are just thrown together, so when you have time can you please fix the errors, thanks for everything

Will do, thanks and I'm replaying the spanish version on my Android, I'm wondering, if you noticed the spelling errors, there are 3-12 every few lines, also I'd like to stay in the loop of things for this game

I'm fixing my PC now so I can get translation done for the next section once that's finished

Do you need help with the scripting?

Do you have an estimated date for ch.2 release

Where do you insert the code to go to ch 2?

I don't use Discord often, My email

Please send me the info on the project, if you need anything just let me know.


Ace W

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How much do you have translated?

I'm portuguese so I Know alot of Spanish

Do you need help with the transaction