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Id also like to see your take on naruo/boruto, one peice, demon slayer,, mha WIP, an fairy tail

ok thank you just hope you keep up the good work

i really cant wait for the full release but i was wondering if you could add a little more content in the demo also I was wondering if you could do an anime parody game

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um sorry its me again but any update on the my hero game demo? and also i hope jpde continues forever and if you make another ruby vn how about youlet us create our own first and last name plus wepon type and sembalence an start from season 1 plz remember this all just a suggestion

I know a little Spanish but right now I'm working on a program that could potentially make translation much easier and better than it is as of current

English version plz

Is there an estimated release date for next English version?I Can play the Spanish version I just have to translate it

How to get to jiro path I already apologized

Ok thank you

When will the android version be updated

This game still alive

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What kind and model of android do you have some older android models crash with certain games

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Did you talk to mei Hatsume she asks you to break the door to the support lab you then ask Eijiro for his quirk he says battle 3 robots first after you beat 2 you run out of quirks talk to Mei again and she will give you a double h potion it restores all your quirks( basically a max elixir from Pokemon ) then next day battle the robots again but when you run out of quirks use the double h potion to restore them and beat the 3rd robot and Eijiro will give you his hardening quirk, you will need it for midnight -Tsu path

I don't know about Mac or android though

If you are using PC the saves should carry over

What system are you using are you using PC, Mac or android

2 questions: in the next update are we going to be able to do the sports festival and is the next update coming out anytime soon? I'm just wondering since im a big fan of this game please let me know at your earliest convenience.

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so is Sarada(Boruto Next Naruto Generations) and Sakura(Naruto original series only) 

Thank you for responding also I'm a big fan of your work I will definitely play the mha fan game when it's released to the public 

I know that this is off topic but a few years ago you guys made a my hero academia parody demo game I was wondering a few things is there gonna be an update soon, is it going to be like jpde  where you can have multiple different powers,Are we going to be able to name our character (First name only,Last name only, or both First name and Last name 

Please let me know as soon as you can


Ace C

thanks ill try that

can someone walk me through the steps to get Elaine to level 3 control, i got through the first 2 rooms with no problem at all but the third room when I almoost get through the fire flies upn and gets me

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hope this game eventually gets a sequal when this vn ends

How many years is the mc going to be going to Hogwarts because if you base it offf the books and the movies it would be 7 years also How do you date Astoria, I've gotten to the part where she tells me she's engaged, and then my character decides to think about it so what do I do?

in Rose's old room in your old house, if you need anything just hit me up, ttyl bye

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no problem, if you need any more help with the game please let me know

Did you already pee in the university pool?

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 I swear there's always someone asking Runey When the next update is, Just check patreon, I'm pretty sure that Runey is getting sick of the same old questions, so please do Runey a favor and please look on patreon, I'm pretty sure it's not that hard just click on the patreon here on this page please and thank you, Don't mean to sound like an ass though


P.S. Runey if you see this please comment on if you are sick of the same comments every time there's an update out or you are working on an update

ok, well keep up the great work

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Maybe you need to update your device or something or maybe ask the joiplay devs what's been going on because it works perfectly fine for me because  I've played this game and many others on joiplay for about 3 days with no problems and I've used joiplay for about 3 years now

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love your game, i have been playing this game since the you came out with it, but since patreon has rules on Adult content I suggest using subscribestar( Because it will allow things that patreon won't So keep up the great work Runey, I'll stick with this game till completion and Further but please think about what I suggested about subscribestar,


Your eternal fan,


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thanks also love your game, it's amazing, one of my top favorite Adult visual novels, I've been playing this game since it came out and I'll stay till the end, keep up the great work, and Happy holidays. I just wasn't paying attention to the journal, sorry about that, and thx again for your help.

I'm on the part right after Sophia get kidnapped by her father

After Sophia's father takes Sophia, no matter what I do Emily's first event won't happen

Are you in the main story yet

can you provide me a walkthrough for Sophia because after I meet her in the university and Emily takes her away and after 2nd event her father takes her away

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Can't go to the store to buy cake for Sarah, can't even go to the store to get mc a firearm, I'm on android btw guy tells me that I can't come in unless I'm wearing a mask

Can you make a sequal to this game

Looking towards the update

I didn't sell anything, and I decided to see if the bug is fixed next update because I'm too far to go back to the 1st encounter with the tentacle machine