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Awesome game. I played on Purist and very much enjoyed the experience. I think the difficulty was just right. Though admittedly you don't have to understand everything to get the correct conclusions. I sure didn't, lol. I had maybe 75% of the mystery truly solved, but that was enough to understand the broader strokes of the crimes and finish the game.

But yeah, overall was a fun and rewarding experience. There was one "Eureka!" moment in particular that was very satisfying, after I realized the identity of a character who had been rather enigmatic up until that point.

Awesome game! I'll admit the open-endedness isn't really for me, but the journey to the "end" was a really unique experience!

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Excellent, I appreciate you working with me on this!

I've contacted you on Discord.

Is it true that this is available as a free update to owners of the original version, or am I misremembering?  For some reason I thought I saw that posted somewhere,  but now I can't find any information about it.

If not, that's fine! I look forward to seeing what this version has in store either way.