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very cute :D, also i like her juice box priorities

this is everything i ever wanted, im gonna go cry now

funny and sweet! loved it :)

Loved it! I was jammin

Your background series is fantastic! I honestly just use them as desktop backgrounds, I'm not quite as talented as the VN creators haha

this was beautiful, thank you for making this

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this game is hilarious and surprisingly deep

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cute, easy to use, fun, quick

truly, what's not to love? nice job!

super cute!

Lovely game! And cute art to boot :)

Loved this all the way through! Comedic, tragic, heart-breaking and heart-mending all at once, fantastic story coupled with interesting 'meta' elements

The art is nothing to scoff at either! Felt well suited to the story within stories 

Great work :)

Super cute! A joy to play and the art is great too :)

This was pretty funny and had an interesting premise! The good end gave me whiplash haha
Nice work :)

Fabulous worldbuilding, cute character design and art, and great storytelling! Loved it all the way through, including the extras (especially the extras) :D Great work!

Lovely little RPG! The dialogue was funny and the game mechanics felt pretty intuitive. Would love to play the sequel if you ever make it!

This was so cute! I love the character designs and the aesthetic of the wild west, great job :)

Played Pageant and this one, really great the whole way through!

[Spoilers below!! at least how I played it]

The awkwardness of our heroine through the party, the quiet moment with Emily outside (which was very cute btw!), the sense of doom I felt when people started talking about politics at the table haha, and sealing it all off with a New Year's kiss/hug (and the noncommittal "it was fine" in the car w/ mom). Great scenes that felt very relatable!

I like your writing style a lot. A mix of introspection, overthinking, and realistic dialogue that I think fits the story you're telling well! Looking forward to your future works :) stay safe!

Good to know, I'll be checking that out then!

ahh so cute! lovely work :)

I can't properly express to you how much I love this VN
I've come back to reread it multiple times over the years for the story, the action, the music, the art, the characters, the extras... everything really! Fantastic work from your team and best wishes for the future :)

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ahh so much to say about this one... felt painfully relatable in some areas, which means you're doing something right 
honestly the best written representation of closeted asian queer kid struggles, and i felt a lot of parallels to the south asian experience 

looking forward to a sequel if you plan on making one :)

this is so cute i died, thank you 

Very intriguing game, I really love the artstyle!

very nice, with an interesting and pretty artstyle too!

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"A literal catgirl, c'mon, just play the game"
Well, you've sold me
I'll update this comment after playing lol

Edit: Very cute game! An interesting take on Alice in Wonderland, plus the artwork is eye catching and pretty! Your character designs are colorful and interesting too :)

Also my hand slipped and I played some of your other games too, nice work

This was really great! Fabulous art, storytelling, voice acting- all around stellar!

somehow i succeeded lmao, that was fun :D

For the timeframe in which you created this game, I think it was quite good!

Oho, wasn't expecting that 
Nice job!

Super cute! Fantastic art and character design :)
I liked the menu music too

what the hell is happening lol

tsundere dense chunni protag x two-faced cunning rich girl love interest 

you really weren't kidding about the number of clichés lmao

cute and wholesome

I have never once been interested in law and always thought people just did it for prestige and money, with very few people actually in it to help others. This game changed how I view a lot of our legal system. Honestly a lot of the topics brought up about the institution of law and the state made me think more about parallels in the world of healthcare (which is also deeply tangled with the law, as you know) as a premed student. Ideas like true impartiality, bias due to politics, and the role of each player in the justice system are heavy topics, but I feel like they were handled well. Like a well-referenced Socratic seminar!

I can tell your team has put a lot of thought into this VN, and your effort shows. I certainly wasn't expecting to introspect on my own life, ideals, and thoughts of societal structure today, but it was interesting to say the least!

Phew this is definitely the longest comment I've ever written for a VN lol. Looking forward to your next works and hope you all stay safe!

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Ah man I don't even have to read the description before hitting download, I know y'all will never disappoint! Also, the soundtrack is an absolute banger. Looking forward to your future works, stay safe!

the art is cute! i would definitely enjoy a continuation :)

The flow of your stories are always so natural, fantastic art and great work once again!

the corn in everything fact kinda blew my mind lmao

this game gave me DDLC flashbacks lmao

a d o r a b l e
great art and great game!