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I'm going to complete this game for the FFS Jam and will post the finished version the first week of 2018!

Pico-8 is the engine used

thank you for playing! i realized my instructions were transposed and it is correct that Z is for shooting bubbles 😅 so sorry, thanks for figuring it out!

oh I see how what i said could be confusing, sorry. I meant all the collision detection is highly inaccurate and unreliable. it is technically "on" though. anyway thank you for giving it a play!


Thank you! I appreciate it.

All the collision is off :/ for now. The bubbles work best if you shoot a little low and hold left/right. They need to work better.

Did you hear the Pico-8 startup noise when the game loaded up? I just checked and audio was fine for me \_(ツ)_/¯


>> RE: Really enjoyed the art and theme. I couldn't control the bubbles very well, although I did enjoy seeing the little

>> creatures packaged up. The game page also mentioned audio, and I didn't hear anything. Looking forward to seeing the

>> future developments, though!

Thank you very much! Worse case scenario I'll finish it up for the next Star Trek jam :P