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I actually really like the m/f split idea. Go to the tavern for a sandwich and end up becoming the sandwich. Aww yiss.

Aww yiss, birdboi! :D
This avians barriers wont know what hit them!

We have missed you, Squawkyfriend!

All three systems look good Squawkers, but how about a mix between 2 and 3, where 3 is the main system but having the special item increases the chance the event happens and/or adds a new line to the event making it easier/changing the outcome? I hope I said that clearly enough, my words get jumbled sometimes.

Sqwawky, you are doing a good job. We all want to play the game, sure, but dont rush yourself overmuch. The last thing you want is burnout on a grand scale project like this one. You got this, i believe in you! <3

Big sexy intimidating fox you say? Sign me right up! What does the fox say? You don't know but you can't help but to agree.

Update looks good as always Squawkyfrend, keep up the good work!

Squawkyfrend, I think your poll may be giving you biased information on this subject. Wouldn't most of the people following this project (and therefore be 90%+ of the people taking the poll) have a male preference or at least strong interest in m/m content given that it's all that's in the currently playable demo? 🤔

You are doing amazing work so far, keep it up!

YESSSSSS, me and my allies WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW,  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, and my favorite (dont tell the other two) ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ are gonna kick so much enemy butt!

In all seriousness, you are doing an AMAZING job so far, keep up the good work! <3


But otherwise a great update! I cant wait to see the progress, and assist with Android testing again.

Also, the editor is a GREAT addition, and im excited to try it out for my own smut. :P

Been playing this on Steam, great game.

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Working well so far on one plus 5t running pie. Will update with any bugs.

Update: finished full demo along all paths I could find until I hit 'feature not yet available' or 'end of demo' screens. had no issues with crashes on this phone or any other bugs. Can't wait for more of this game!

Update 2: Full game working without issue on One Plus 7 Pro, android Pie