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Oh thank you so much!!! If you do play a session I'd love to hear how it goes! Narrowing/focusing down the rolling to try and get it into one page while still having decision points was a really interesting challenge but I'm really pleased with the result looking back on it!

This is genuinely one of the best, sweetest, most heart-wrenching, relatable, beautiful, tense, queer, games I've ever played. Do yourself a favour and find time to play this and to tell everyone you know to do the same. I cannot overstate how brilliant this game is and how often it left me on the verge of tears - it's made with love and care and just? it's so amazingly well-written? the soundtrack and design fits nicely? There's no fault I can find with this game it's so good!!!

Spent New Years Eve playing this with friends and swapping GMs between two of us every five minutes, 10/10 would carve our way through billionaires send Elon Musk careering headfirst into Mars, and shove Capitalist Santa into a fireplace inside a second, larger, fireplace again.

Just finished my first playthrough and I'm genuinely a bit overwhelmed. I've gotten so invested over the fate and anxieties of this little ship and the people around it, the web of their stories, of becoming something more and different than you were told to be. An extremely hard-hitting, simple, elegant, and well-written solo rpg. 100/10 would recommend!

Just finished my second oneshot and even thinking about it again leaves me close to tears. I have a character sheet torn apart with my mouth laying on my bed that I need to tape up and tweak a tiny bit because they came back, sort of.

The combination of ritual, of exceptional writing, and of how quickly you get a sense of the bonds between characters means this game gets emotional and intense quick, and the GMless nature means it plays into my favourite part of roleplaying games - bouncing ideas off your friends and watching them spiral and blossom into something far beyond either of your reaches.

Buy this game, and then go check out everything else Jay Dragon and Possum Creek Games have done, I promise you will not regret it. Even if the sky turns to sand tomorrow,  the tyranny of organisation grants you no respite, and you only ever get to read them, that will be enough - scrolling through this pdf left me weeping and feeling seen in a way few other experiences have, and playing it broke beyond the chains of my expectations into something new and impossible

In the first nine pages, this book manages to:

  • Sum up the core gameplay loop.
  •  Convince me that it delivers on the vibes it promised. 
  • Sell me on the setting.
  • Have at least one idea that's easily importable to other rules lite systems and both so simple and so genius that I don't know how I haven't thought of it before.

    I can't speak to the GMside stuff or the full extent of the character creation but from the snippets I've seen I am confident this deserves a look if you're at all interested in the premise it sets out.

This game is so beautiful and elegant and way more impactful than it should be-I absolutely second the suggestion that everyone should play this game.