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A member registered Nov 06, 2021

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its not the best mod I've ever seen. hopefully the quality but as o currently this is just a glorified version of Gacha nox

hey really good job, keep up the good work <3

Hey, lost motivation towards the end but here

of course <3

Small little hack i found in Ibis paint, (if you are using that) use a watercolor brush for blood stained cloth ie; my example (TW BLOOD)

An edit here as well, hope you like it!

Made this weird core oc with the mod, genuinely good mod, keep up the great work!

oh my god you absolute angel of a human being thank you SO much

I would donate if I hade any money keep it up this is awesome

the file won't extract and I have tried literally EVERYTHING you need to fix what ever is going on

its actually "revenge" so you know... even though you wrote this a year ago