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It's really neat to read through the code and try to use it for a game! But I'm still having trouble understanding it.

Specifically, I really want to know about where "duration" of the jump and the "Jump Height" is in the code.

I don't understand how the "jump height" doesn't seem to affect the "duration" of it.

The is one kick ass mask the person on the title screen has! I was like, "Holy cow!"

It's alright!

I think we should have mentioned that you can magnetize multiple enemies at once. While it doesn't say "you cannot", we didn't say you can magnetize multiple enemies together in the game. I'll be sure to remember this so I can tell the possibilities the player can utilize.

Someone mentioned the shield idea too

I also wanted to implement this idea, but it sadly didn't make it through. I'm glad other people are interested in this concept though!

Hello! I'm glad you liked it!

This is due to a mechanic that allows you to stick the enemy onto the side of your mech instead. If planned or done intentionally and effectively, you can shoot in multiple directions at once. I understand that it is very difficult and this mechanic may have it be even more unreasonable, but we thought it was interesting. It also came from the original concept of the game.

This may sound odd, but we actually intended this oddity of a mechanic.

If you turn the magnet with your mouse before it attaches, you can have it cover your mech and shoot in multiple directions instead of just the one. This was inspired by a previous idea, where we were about to have weapons attach themselves onto the mech to fit the join together theme.  And the catch would be that they can stick onto the head of the mech, but you can barely control where they're aiming at.

I understand why people may not like this mechanic though. I hope it's not too frustrating though.

Thanks for playing! Truth be told, I also wanted to have the player block the shots. It was one of my ideas in the design phase I mentioned to the team. Reading your comment made me happy to remember it.

Really challenging, which is what makes it a fun title!

I guess this one is more of a "start out joined" and "goal is to separate them"

Most of the challenging aspects of it seem fair to me. Although, I feel like a slow atom slowly moving to you and taking away an entire health point can be frustrating. A kind of frustrating that might get me to ask for that health point back. The difficulty is dodging with the high turning speed of the object.

But despite those opinions I wrote, I think that's the charm and even the point of this game. The difficulty of splitting atoms is supposed to be hard, and getting used to it is where it's at.

For that kind of difficulty, I think a gameplay loop of this should come with something rewarding and satisfying. Like when you split an atom, if it created a sound effect to make atom splitting more addicting (In a good game design kind of sense).

But in the end, GOOD GAME DESIGN HERE, THE GAME WORKS, and that is a big thumbs up from me!