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i've played this game twice now and it's been an incredible experience both times. it was so wonderful to explore intimacy through this and i think the prompts fostered some really amazing scenes between the other player and i. genuinely almost cried like three times and i think my roommate who i was playing with did actually cry a bit during a few scenes. just a fantastic game! 

this game was so fun to play! my friends and i emded up getting incredibly emotional about the state of our characters plan in the end and it added so much to the game. i definitely recommend it 

Genuinely unsettling and had me hooked right away. I would absolutely recommend this to everyone I know

 i love this game and i love how calming and beautiful and peaceful it is. it's such a nice time and it the fact that both the protagonists are nonbinary means so much, especially in a town equally populated by non-heternormative and heterosexual couples. the inclusivity isn't even questioned. not to mention the story is so nice and refreshing, you're just having a nice time collecting seaglass for your partner, it's so sweet! it was a wonderful experience to play and i'm so glad i have it now for a day when i'm not feeling too hot and i need a pick me up!