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this is the ultimate werewolf romance. we've found it, folks. i loved the Wolf lore and how much it embraced the eccentricities and intimacies of being a Wolf vs a human. i loved the ways that laurence and aster's insecurities played off of each other. i loved starflower and everything about him. this whole story was wonderful and i'm so glad i read it. now i get to recommend it to everyone i know!

this looks so gorgeous! the colors are so vibrant and i love stories about family members :0 huge fan of the sprites as well. i’m excited to play this! 

this game is fantastic! i loved the way it was both about a story weaver, and the player themself was tasked with weaving the story through their choices for the tapestries. very neat mechanic. and the stories themselves were beautiful

not only are the illustrations in this game gorgeous and evocative, but the writing hits so hard. i can feel the melancholy and longing through each word. the way this game is able to set up such a strong tone and evoke such feeling with such little time is a real testament to how successful it i. i loved playing this, even as it made my heart ache. the experience was beautiful!

absolutely stunning, both writing-wise and visually. one of the most heartwarming games i've played in a long while! relationships and a world crafted with such love and care, you could feel it in every pixel. this game is gorgeous!

been using this supplement in a campaign i'm running centered around a supernatural small town called Ghost Town, and it's added so much interesting depths to our roleplay. giving the players a space to explore the subconscious and the mysteries it holds in tandem with the waking world's strangeness has made the characters and their experiences all the richer. i'm really glad i've been able to include it in the game and i recommend it for any campaign that deals with the messiness of reality and unreality

played a one-shot of this a year ago that i still think about to this day. the way the game encourages everyone to build on each other's stories and weird guys they make up means it's an absolute blast to play. in our game, we ended the night with the last visitor being the divorced ex who was hunting down our first frantic visitor of the shift. and between all the fun of creating the visitors, it's even more fun to use them to flesh out the people working at the diner and tie their shift together at the end. this game knows exactly how much fun playing pretend with friends is and does everything it can to make it an even better experience

i've been running a campaign of this for the past 6 months and it has facilitated some of the most wonderful roleplaying experiences i've ever had. the game encourages such a beautiful balance of humor and horror of the mundane, and still opens itself up to intense emotions within those spaces. it's the best system i've ever played for telling weird stories about weird little towns and i've loved every moment of it

played a oneshot of this with some close friends and it was thrumming with life. the game does such a good job of setting up the vibe and letting you hop on. that one-shot felt almost like we were on a road trip ourselves, i loved it!

as someone with a lot of dental problems of my own, this zine really hit me where it needed to. i loved the way the visuals do so much to contribute to this rotting, burned out feeling of being continuously mistreated and mishandled and the trauma that creates. the way they're loud and fuzzy and bitter. reading it was hard but i'm glad i did

incredible use of wikipedia as a collage tool, and something that inspired some art of my own that i might share one day. really well put together

the vibes of the zine are immaculate. i really loved the layout and design and the way everything was put together made it feel like a conversation with a close friend about the important things in life. every tangent and flowing thought made the conversation richer and more familiar. i loved reading it!

this book is fantastic! the way the mechanical/synthetic language twists the meanings of machine-learning terms (like the different ways "seed" is used) to show that avocet is alive and organic in a very real way, even if it's not the traditional way that we think of those things. and that paralleled with the way people make assumptions surrounding the terms disabled/ND/trans people and separate them from being alive/human is so GOOD

fave lines:

- "they may update my motor drivers / i will keep my wonderment /that a dropped pen falls / to the ground / every time"

- "avocet is close to adversary in feel, close to avarice too. opposed, / wanting. standing subtly against and i will hold."

- "we hold together as close as we can."

- "our (our) line is this: / we were shaped from ashes / we were dug out of graves / we have what you have and fewer words for it / we have what you have and fewer avenues / and i love and i dream and i"

- and all of page 41 regarding the lighthouse tbh. i really really loved that bit, it might be one of my favorite sections

this is amazing and evocative! it felt like it took my breath away when playing it. the pixel backgrounds reminded me of the inner chamber of ribs and lungs and a heart and the way that you had to find and fit into a puzzle piece for each section felt like trying to conform yourself into these body parts. i really loved this

I saw a post about this game get reblogged onto my dashboard on tumblr and it immediately intrigued me (and my best friend, who i gushed about the concept to). I played it streaming over discord with the best friend in question and we had a FANTASTIC time because of how amazing this demo is already. I'm so excited for what comes next. All of the characters are fascinating (both their designs and their personalities), the set up and use of the engine is SO well-suited to the writing style, and i'm on pins and needles to see more of the worldbuilding you've set up. Literally such a cool game, can't wait for the full thing!

I really enjoyed the way the choices were presented and the way you could get different options just by waiting dialogue out. The most memorable moment of the game for me was when I had the option to question something and after waiting a few lines, the option changed to let me kiss Flynn. It felt like such a good use of mechanics as storytelling. I really enjoyed everything about this game tbh, a great story and a great experience! 

Such a delightful game! I had so much fun playing it and I'm charmed by everything about it! 

Really loved the visuals and everyone loves a good fishing game. I think the writing felt like hearing a story from a family member and the atmosphere was great.

A beautiful game. It was atmospheric and captivating. I felt the main character's desperation grow behind her words as the story progressed. I really liked the way the game felt as well, like I actually was accessing these records from a terminal somewhere under the ocean. Very good experience.

A great game! The way you have to make the choice to click the next line feels like when you're playing a horror RPG and have to make the choice to walk into the room that you know some creature waits for you. It's agency and inevitability of the medium packaged into one and I really liked it, as well as the way the images complimented the haunting tone of the story. This game really captivated me.

This creator is very good at writing something that fills all of my senses. I felt like I was being butchered myself while playing through this and I mean that in the best way possible. Beautiful IF game.

I played the Twine Fishing Simulator and knew I had to play more work by this creator. This game is haunting and visceral in all of the ways I wanted it to be. Had to stop playing it and come back to it at one point because I was home alone and was genuinely frightened. Beautifully written and makes good use of the interactive fiction format. I really loved this.

Incredible use of Twine as a program and also a really cool game! I'm amazed by how inventive it managed to be under the guise of a fishing minigame. It really was unlike any Twine game I've played before and I'm really excited to check out more by this creator!

Spooky and visceral, this story made me very aware of the fact that I used to live like an hour away from Jacob's Well and also that I'm terrified of caves (let alone underwater caves!) Genuinely got chills from me. The writing style created such a to-the-point scary atmosphere that suited the location really well!

A lovely addition to the Prairie Song universe, I had a great time learning more about how Val and Friday became as close as they are!

i've played this game twice now and it's been an incredible experience both times. it was so wonderful to explore intimacy through this and i think the prompts fostered some really amazing scenes between the other player and i. genuinely almost cried like three times and i think my roommate who i was playing with did actually cry a bit during a few scenes. just a fantastic game! 

this game was so fun to play! my friends and i emded up getting incredibly emotional about the state of our characters plan in the end and it added so much to the game. i definitely recommend it 

Genuinely unsettling and had me hooked right away. I would absolutely recommend this to everyone I know

 i love this game and i love how calming and beautiful and peaceful it is. it's such a nice time and it the fact that both the protagonists are nonbinary means so much, especially in a town equally populated by non-heternormative and heterosexual couples. the inclusivity isn't even questioned. not to mention the story is so nice and refreshing, you're just having a nice time collecting seaglass for your partner, it's so sweet! it was a wonderful experience to play and i'm so glad i have it now for a day when i'm not feeling too hot and i need a pick me up!