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I can't really express how much I loved this game. The art, the dialogue... they are are so amazing!

Im glad I managed to find this game. It was literally a bless considering I am 100% simping for Otto. Also Im kinda glad I managed to get the sucess route in my first gameplay

Please keep it up, you are doing a wonderful job<3

Ahhhh can't wait >w<馃挄

I re-played the game now that Lupin's date is out. What a wholesome gentleman <333 He also is very romantic! I absolutely loved his date!

Can't wait to see Sebastian and Beau's dates! You're doing an amazing job! 

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Dude this game is so cool! I liked each one of the chracters so I had a hard time choosing one of them at the end hehe :'3 but I ended up choosing Sebastian because of his... eccentric sense of humor, if I may say ;3

Well, that's all I had to say! Can't wait for next uptades <3

I can relate to this comment lmao

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I remember that the developers said that the full release will probably happen between June and October of this year

The soundtrack gives me the chills

ahh oh God he looks so cute in this art style! <3

This game is amazing! I like all the characters, but dude, Purrkin is awesome. The best tsundere ever

He's a panromantic

I mean, the content you can play is just this, but there are some informations and curiosities about the main characters on twitter (Cereus Garden Studio) and on tumblr (@residentialrabbit)

Oh, and the producers of the game did a Q&A on youtube and it's still avaiable to people check out.

You guys are doing a wonderful job and I can't wait to see the final result.

Also, will this game be Android compatible? 

I can't say how much fun was to play this demo! I liked each one of the main characters. They are just too funny and cute to interact with! Please keep it up. You are doing an amazing work on this game!