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Glad to hear you're interested! I just added some more community copies :)

Fey Fire is 48 pages long :)

The pdf is 24 pages.

Fixed, thanks!

So it is! Thanks for spotting that.

Really glad to hear you liked it!

I hadn't actually thought about fillable character sheets because of the Google Sheet, but they feel like an obvious inclusion in hindsight. I'd be happy to look into creating some!

Yep, that's correct!

Thank you for the kind words!

With Broken Bonds, Page 26 says to "Write down each other PC’s name in the bond section, then tell the person on your left that you have a broken bond with them". That way everyone should have exactly two broken bonds (assuming a 3+ player group). If you had a larger group though, you could instead let players decide for themselves who they have broken bonds with if that's something you wanted to emphasise!

When I updated the game earlier this week, I combined it into the Crisis Sheets pdf (it's now the one on the fourth page). Thanks for pointing out that it's not clear, I'll update the dev log to make it more apparent!

Thank you!

Thank you! The three boxes are to indicate you can take the Magical Training stunt up to three times, if you want to choose additional schools of magic.

Thank you so much! And you're correct, that's the idea.


That's high praise, thank you so much for the kind words!

Hi, have loved reading through the game. I had a quick question and wasn't sure where else to ask.

"To use the artifact it must first be bound to the PC (his/her soul, maybe?). To bound it, pay the quality level of the artifact in Grit (may be resisted using Guts). Artifacts already owned at the beginning of the game are bounded to the PC for free."

Does this mean permanently losing Grit (resisted) or is there no reason to resist unless the Quality is particularly high?