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How did you knew? Because of copyright reasons?

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You did an amazing job with this Unreal P.T. I played it and it is amazing, I also managed to complete it. The only critiques I have, is that the woman's model could use some work in the shoulders area, also the scene where she peeks out of the bathroom there is no woman there in your version, and also there is no body movement when she eats you, this little detail is super creepy... Sad to see you've taken it down tho. I guess you have your reasons, that you never explained to us, not in here at least. Although I know there are other versions of P.T. for PC out there, yours was the far most complete in terms of gameplay and richness of events.

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I thought the same, there was no rational explanation given whatsoever, could it be copyright? malware/virus claims? could it be that he got offended somehow? I have no idea. But when you make something awesome for the world and you take it down without giving a proper explanation why... it's just unusually weird.

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Nice game, but I can't figure out what to do once I scan the whole area of locked doors, says I need another drone, but the other drones are at 0% battery and I don't know how to switch to another drone. Also when I tried look for the controls by pressing esc it threw me out of the game.

It would be nice if you could change the hairstyle of your Eleanor model so it matches the one on your concept art pictures, it's way much creepier and cool to look at.

Oh that's great. Other Worlds... just by the title sounds amazing, I love it already :D

I did try PuniTy before, the P.T. recreation made in Unity engine, but this is so next level!! Creepy eerie and spooky beyond compare! Thank you for this! Although, I never played the original P.T. since I don't own a PS4, but seeing the video comparison side by side, I would suggest you try adding the shadow of the swaying lamp, it adds a lot of creepiness to the atmosphere, IMO :)

I guess someone is bound to make Silent Hills, the cancelled project - a reality :) Is just a question of time (and copyright) :D ...And I'm sure when this happens it will be amazing! Although, personally I would be fine even if your project had nothing to do with Silent Hill. You are obviously tallented enough to make anything happen :D keep up the amazing work, my friend!

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I love it, but let me add a few suggestions in the spirit of constructive criticism:

- the head-bobbing and the feeling you are either drunk or on a boat, made me feel dizzy.
- the movement due to invisible walls felt pretty limited
- I find it weirdly convenient that the key was just there and that everything was everything abandoned
- obviously, someone still paying the bills for electricity
...these are details, although they matter :)

Everything else is simply amazing! I am surprised at how great the visual atmosphere is, and actually, I was blown away. Please do make a full game out of this, the world will be grateful :D

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This game is pretty spooky and the atmosphere is pot on! Although doesn't run smoothly on my PC, the framerate is choppy on both quality settings and it would need some need optimization. I like it tho :)