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please finish this game i gotta know whats up with that freelance surgeon

I'm happy to hear from other people and their experiences of this game, as I've had a long time to think on this and namely the review I posted. While I may not have enjoyed the game personally, I've come to understand through other people's perspectives of games that my experience was also subjective. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in a polite manner :]
Admittedly it's entirely possible my own experience with NaissanceE clouded my judgment of this game, as I'm sure a lot of effort was put into it. While I am not big on the final product, there is a lot of the creator's hard work and meaning behind it, which makes it special in its own sense.

That's a great idea! The formula could prove really interesting... The game really does have potential from what I experienced when I played :]

I received this game as part of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, which was 10 dollars and included plenty of wonderful games. Last night I was looking through to see what would interest me, and the preview images caught my eye- namely, this reminds me strongly of a French indie game called Naissancee, which is free on steam. At first I was unsure of whether the game author for Fugue In Void had been inspired, as it's a relatively unheard of game.  I adored Naissancee, so I was very excited to play this game and see what was different. Upon playing the actual game, the similarities were so apparent that I honestly felt pretty grossed out. This game leaves much to be desired in the way of gameplay, storytelling, a narrative experience, interactivity, or even inspiring any feeling. The intro sequence is unforgivably long and is nothing more than a slideshow of pretty visuals that take up far too much of your time for what the rest of the game is. 

While I'm sure the creator of this game saw something in it, we, the player, are given absolutely nothing to work with. Naissancee meanwhile conveys absolutely no narrative but manages to captivate its players and invoke emotions wordlessly. 
This game is a proof of concept. Any time I started to engage with an environment, it felt like I was briskly pulled away into another 15 second sandbox of unity experimentation. 
The reason I brought up Naissancee before is because it is not sheer coincidence that the games feel similar- maybe I would say as much if it was only the geometric architecture and walking simulator aspects, but it felt as if every corner I turned there was another "Wait a minute..." moment. Puzzles based on perception of lighting, environments that change when you turn around in the dark, blocks of white light that move with the player to help them through an environment, vast oases of sand with geometric statues and structures- even a mock replication of the defining moment of Naissancee's early chapters, where you come upon an open pseudo-MC Escher style environment with guardless stairs, a complete lack of directions, and square doorframes with square lights above each one. 

In terms of what this game did well, I thought the lighting and atmosphere in most spaces was absolutely gorgeous. The brutalist atmosphere is incredibly inviting to anyone looking for a unique game environment to experience. Many of the visual elements were striking- I was fond of the effects used to create unnaturally organic looking textures for something that should by all means be rigid. There are genuinely good, original ideas here! My advice would be to focus on those original concepts for any future projects.

TL;DR: Great visuals, suffers from lack of gameplay and minimal attempts at "interactivity," may be a case of creative plagiarism of another indie developer.