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Abyssal Instinct

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Thank you for playing! :D Noted on your suggestions, we currently halted development because of day jobs but we're looking forward in continuing this and more powers/items are already on the books.

Thank you for playinggg! :D And a what a handsome vtuber :D

Oh nooo ^^' Thank you for playing! :D

Hope you heart is fine now hehe Thank you for playing! :D

Everybody run from slender man's cousin! Thank you for playing! :D

Thank you for playing! :D

Enjoyable plythrough there! You have almost predicted everything haha. Thanks for playing! :D

But it was peaceful! Hehe Thank you for playing!

Thank you very much for playing the game! As this was just a game jam build which was made in 3 days, we have to cut out parts and focus on the item mechanic only but we assure you once we got to continue the game, a lot more challenge and additional features will be added to make it more challenging. Still we're glad you have found the game enjoyable! :D

Thanks! :D

Hahaha thank you for playing! The pressure from the little sister was so cute!

Thank you for playing! Right now, we have no plans in taking it further as we decided that it has a good ending already and members are pre-occupied with work stuff ^^' But thanks for taking interest!

Thank you ^^'

Finish it! hahah just kidding. Thanks! :D

Thank you for playing! :D 

Nice set of games! Thanks for including us! :D

Definitely cute, that's all! Thank you! :D

It's okay :D Thanks!

That was intense! Thank you for playing! :D

Thank you! :) Nice playthrough!

Thanks so much! :D

Changing uniforms are cool! Thank you! :D

Thank you! :D

Thank you very much! :D

That's it! Just a innocent game. Thank you for playing! :D

Thanks mate! :)

Thank you! :D

Thank you! <3

Thank you for playing our game! :D I see IT in the thumbnail :D

Haha! Well glad you liked it! :D

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Thank you! Glad you loved it! :D That's some screaming haha

Do you have a screenshot of this? We'll look into it. You may also double check the brightness of the monitor, that may be on of the reasons.

But it is about repairs! :O Haha. Thanks for playing!

That's some enjoyable gameplay! Glad you finished it! :D Thanks for playing.

Thanks for this. We'll look into it :)

Thank you! Glad you're inspired by it :D

If what you're looking for is the fusebox, go back to where you started in the room, and go right. Just bring a screwdriver to fix it :)

That's really great. Thanks for playing! :D

Expected what?! :O Haha thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Glad you joined game jam too! Will definitely try it out with my team and share our feedback :D