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Hello lenfrey!

Glad to know you persisted and continued playing!

As for your questions:

------------Spoilers ------------

Correct. To get this "secret" ending you need to get all the endings. The route map should clue you where the change will take place (but we guess you already figured that out).

As for what this event entails...well... you'll get to see a funny and quirky exchange between Isaac and Elijah, and then a promise of the brighter future - or just a sweet lie.

Thank you very much for your comment!

We hope that you give the other endings a try and let us know how much that shaped your experience!

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Thank you very much for playing LVER!

------------Spoilers ------------

If we understood correctly, you're missing the "In The Spider's Web" (rose to the right of "Praying Mantis") and "Lovely Couple" endings.

For help on getting these two, check this reddit post:

User "Waewoowee" explains exactly how to get these two very same endings.

If you still having trouble, let us now!


We used RenPy ( to develop LVER!

Hello Amy, thanks for playing!

---- Spoiler warning ----

There are 8 endings, plus a "special" one. To find out which endings you got and which ones you're missing, check the route screen - which you can access via the Title Screen.

Thank you very much for your interest Ceri!
We teamed up with an incredible team for this Jam, and we hope that everyone's fantastic work comes through as you play the game! :D

As for the suggestion, we certainly can and will!

Thanks for playing through the early demo, we'll keep on working to expand it - and hope that the final result doesn't disappoint!

Thank you very much! :D
Hope that at some point in time (perhaps when a meatier update comes out?), you'll give the game a chance.

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---- Spoiler warning ----

The ending you're missing is "Breaking Free". To get this one you need to be sweet and kind to Elijah until you get the scene where Isaac's high school friends invite him out and Elijah doesn't want him to go.
After that, you need to pick choices that are unpleasant towards Elijah: don't let him manipulate Isaac and rebel against him any chance you get.

If this tip still feels obtuse, feel free to follow the choices below:
* "Ask him to put a bag on his knees"
* "It's on me"
* "Caress his hair"
* " be his"
* "You <3"
* "You don't own me anything."
* "Come on, you deserve a break"
* "That's kind of sad!"
* " show him my love"
* "I have to match you."
* "It's not whatever"
* "Calm down, Don Juan!"
* "I know I can trust you."
* "Are you asking me to cancel?"
* "That's not what I said."
* "That's not the point."
* "That's not love"
* "Or you could quit yours"
* "No way!"
* "Elijah and I are quite busy"
* "Watch out for the quite ones"
* "Hussain?"
* "You could have told me if you didn't enjoy it."
* "A bit awkward, right?"
* "It's awkward"
* "You'll eat it raw next time."
* "I'm upset"
* "I'm not falling for that one."
* "Elijah asked me to"
* "No"
* "I shouldn't, should I?"
* "You raped me"
* "You know what you did"
* "Yeah."
* "Like cyanide"
* "Why won't he mind his own business?"
* "It was traumatic"
* "It's not about you"
* "You asked me to stop working."
* "What's his problem"
* "No"
* "Because that's what I deserve."

Thank you very much for your comment, Ninjaneko, it made our day! :D

Thank you very much for playing! We're glad you enjoyed it a lot! :D

You're not wrong about Brahmi, maybe not a therapist but definitely someone who makes Isaac think about his current situation.

Stay tuned for the full game!

PS: Looking forward to November 16th! :P

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No, there are no other planned routes, demo or otherwise, as of this time.

Also, congratulations on finding both routes! We started calling one of them a secret route as nobody seemed to run into it!

Thank you very much for playing! :D
We're working hard on the next update, hopefully it won't take too long!

Lunaterra / Natasha, thank you very much for reporting the pesky bug! :D

We're happy to report that the problem is solved and a new build is available!

Thanks for playing! Good to hear that you enjoyed the game!

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Feralnymph, thank you for your feedback! We are very glad that you enjoyed reading Jack and Mary and a bit sad about Anita - we really had fun writing her. :(

We'd like to challenge you to replay the game again and pick different choices, you might run into something neat (or not...)!

Also, small clarification, Anita is tanned (too much time spent on the solarium/tanning bed).

You are correct.

This is a small April's Fool joke we released while we were developing Hellevator. You can find the real game (which features the same characters but a different premise) here:

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed the extra story blurbs in the Gallery!

Alright! Thank you very much!

Oh, got it! Sorry for the confusion! actually it was just a really bad attempt at making small-talk so the reply's not too short oops ._. But glad that you liked all the endings and went through the bonus content!

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Does the entry for Yaoi Game Jam 2020 needs to be exclusive to this jam, or can it also be submitted to other jams? Summer Game Jam takes place concurrently with Yaoi Game Jam, and it would be interesting to combine both in the game we would work on.

Is this possible? If not, what restrictions apply? The rules in the main page don't mention this topic, so we thought it would be better to ask. :P

Thank you for playing! None of the endings are ever going to be perfectly happy, but there's always a light at the end of the tunnel--or so we assume. It's a pretty bleak world that they live in, after all...

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Thank you for playing the game, and for liking the story! It's nice to hear that you went through the bonus content, too. Also, one of your preferred endings is, in fact, the intended 'true ending' of the story...which is the reason why this game is named as such!

Oh, good point--didn't realise that her words applied to the entire experience! Well played, unknown voice on the phone...well played.

Glad we managed to break your heart, ohoho! But thanks for playing, and good work at getting all the endings!

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A creepy experience! The voice acting really worked nicely for the story, and the music fits the mood quite well, too.

There seems to be a small bug in the game where playing the scavenger hunt multiple times removes choices previously selected in a past playthrough from the current playthrough...but otherwise, great work!

Thank you very much for playing the game! Glad you liked the story, and good to know you enjoyed reading through the content of the gallery!

The shiritori game is pretty fun! The art, music and GUI were all very well-crafted, and the music was also very fitting for the setting. Didn't expect the sprite to blink, but it was a nice surprise. Kudos to the developers!

More people should worship this shiritori goddess

Thank you very much for playing through the game, Katy!

We've watched the VOD quite a few times and it's fascinating to see you and the chat trying to piece everything together! So, thank YOU for this awesome experience! :D

If you have any suggestions or criticism about the game, do tell--we would love to hear them!

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Berserkered, thank you very much for your honesty and detailed feedback!
We're not disheartened at all and you've given us some points we can improve on.

If you don't mind, we would like to clarify a point or two:
* This project was developed in a game jam, in cooperation with several individuals. The different assets and the clashing between them are a few evils to be expected: we had a limited amount of time and different types of artist (with different backgrounds and experiences) working on it.
While this doesn't excuse the problem, it's a fact we have to accept;

* Regarding the Narrator and narrative, perhaps the problem is on how we advertise the game. The game is meant to be silly and not to be taken seriously: it's not about a bunch of characters trying to survive, it's about a bunch of idiots who won't cooperate and will most surely end up dead by the end of the game (Narrator included...maybe). There's no romanticism here, just comedy (or a failed attempt at it XD);

* One important thing that we really need to clarify, there's no bragging about underpaying any of the voice actors. The character known as Narrator is an underpaid and overworked employee at some company in the game, but that in no way means that his or her VA is in the same position as the Narrator (we didn't overpay Anita's VA so she could brag that she's rich, either!).
Do note that no one was paid on this project.

* Characters' opinions don't reflect the team's opinion. Anita doesn't like the elevator track, but we couldn't disagree more with her (and many other things she says);

* Regarding the voice acting, in a script as large as 50k, there's no way we could request the VAs to voice every single line. We asked for a few of them to be voiced, and requested a few blurbs and catchphrases to fill in the voids.
This however, is a criticism we can work on and we'll definitely look into it (have very limited lines be voiced VS the actual situation).

Once again, super duper thanks for your feedback! We hope you'll give the game a second chance (if not this demo build, at least the full version) :D

Thank you so much for such a positive comment! We can only hope that the final version doesn't disappoint!

Nice environment and unique text placement! However, it would be good to add some audio design (perhaps you can search some Creative Commons material for now) since it feels a little bit plain. Nonetheless, it's a very good effort :)

This was a nice story to read, and one particular ending was quite satisfying to obtain. The second-person perspective writing was unique and very charming. Really fits with Cris' age, too!

The dressing-up/trade mini-game and knowing about the characters were pretty fun--went back and retried different options to hear more about their stories.

Art style is lovely, although it would be nice to have the characters' sprites be a bit larger than they currently are. It was quite difficult to naturally notice when a sprite's expression changed because they were, in effect, placed further away from the screen. Also, some character emotions (like admiration) don't have the right expression representing them, but these are just minor nit-picky things--didn't really bother the playing experience at all!

The UI fits the drawing style nicely. The font choice is a bit unusual to read at first, but it wasn't as difficult to read as originally imagined and it fits with the sketchbook theme well. Also, music matches nicely with the narrative and sounds like a rather polished production.

Congratulations for finishing the game, and good work to everyone involved in the project!

Reopened recruitment!

We're looking for one BG artist and one programmer! We've updated the first post with all the necessary information you need to know. Did we forgot something? Then, please let us know!

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Hello ladies and gents! 

We're Abyss Team and we're currently looking for one artists and one programmer to help us in the creation of "Abyss" (temporary name), a drama/mystery adventure visual novel with some puzzle solving thrown into the mix!
We would love to have you along for this adventure!

We've already released our first demo during NaNoRenO 2019 and intend to keep working on the game it until it's completed. We would like to publish it commercially and share the earnings between the team members (rev share).

The demo can be found here :

Premise: A group of people are trapped in a mysterious place. The only way to survive is for everyone to cooperate, but things are not what they seem to be. What are those monsters that stand at the edge of this broken world? Why are these people really here? Will they survive, or were they doomed from the very beginning?

We'll let you into more secrets once you join the project!


The artists will be responsible for:

  • Creating concept art for the backgrounds matching the description given;
  • Draw and colour the backgrounds used in the final game based on the concept art;**
  • Edit/export the created backgrounds according to the game's needs;**
  • Assist with the creation of any necessary visual assets for puzzles (in tandem with the UI artist) and items collected during the game.

** The artists are free to choose between 2D or 3D backgrounds (in the latter case, the artists are also being responsible for the modelling and texturing of these assets), but both artists must agree on this.


  • Have a good sense of humour! 
  • Be open minded as the game intends to tackle complicated issues. This might not please everyone. 
  • Be committed to the project. We ask that a minimal of 5-6 hours per week are dedicated to the project.
  • Be able to work in a team (you will work with one or more artists).
  • A portfolio showcasing previous works.


The programmer will be responsible for:

  • Implementing all the game systems, puzzles and mini-games based on the game design documents provided by the team;
  • Implement the UI interfaces to be used in-game (the UI design and necessary assets will be provided);
  • Insert all produced assets (music, SFX, art and the story script) into the game;


  • Have experience in Unity.
  • Have a good sense of humour! 
  • Be open minded as the game intends to tackle complicated issues. This might not please everyone. 
  • Be committed to the project. We ask that a minimal of 5-6 hours per week are dedicated to the project.
  • Be able to work in a team (you will work with one or more programmers).

Want to know more? Then join us at Discord:

Thank you very much for your feedback!
Expect many more houses full of secrets, mysteries, and puzzles!