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Abstruse Paradox

A member registered Mar 22, 2020

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Game should save when you place or upgrade a building. Lost about 80% production of red crystals over 8 hours.

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Can't copy or load mold genomes on Linux vers.

The game indeed no longer freezes. Thanks.

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Game appears to consistently freeze when throwing bombs (currently level 6) in certain regions. I've experienced it so far in the homoculus room, and the section beside it. This, however, may also apply to other crowded regions, of course.

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I'm down for testing, and perhaps more if I like the game. Any better means of contact (such as Revolt or Discord)?

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It's indeed such a wrapper, and most games run with it. Therefore, it's unfortunate that I find TBD does not.

I've heard of Mac being a nightmare to compile for (due to the walled garden), but isn't a Linux binary simple?

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Doesn't run with Proton. Unfortunate. (It opens a black window which shortly closes.)

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Your link explicitly refers to the use of IMG2IMG: the AI isn't stealing anything. Rather, the example is nothing worse than pasting something into Photoshop/whatever painting software, touching it up, and claiming it as your own. Indeed, it's awful, but has nothing inherently to do with AI.

In addition, if you didn't know, you can't train models using IMG2IMG, and, neither would such a feature be possible or advantageous. Thus,  the only process which could possibly be considered as 'stealing' on part of the AI would be the initial training, which this does not refer to. (For convenience, I've already addressed the initial training in my former comment.)

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Fun fact: most human artists in learn by tracing and studying the work of others'.
AI does exactly the same, except, in actuality, the process for AI is even more vague.

And, of 'Do you even know who's art are you using for your game?' Tell truthfully, do you? Name the artist(s) who produced these images, or otherwise your entire argument falls apart. And, no, you can't steal an artstyle (there are only so many chords to play in a song).

(P.S. This is not in defence of the game itself, only its usage of AI, which imo, could use improvement.)

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I've played it at least six times, with multiple magick shroom runs, and savescumming for events. Not a single one involved using magick.

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Second notice: even with multiple savescums, and two magick shrooms, I hadn't once received the opportunity to cast a spell, or even expand my abilities beyond witchling. In fact, I've not seen a single case in which it could come up, during any of my playthroughs. Yeah, absolutely nothing I do matters.

It'd be so great, if any of my choices came to mean anything in the end. Say I gain a neat item or trait; considering the miniscule bundle of events before the game concludes, the odds of both gaining this trait/item, encountering the event where it can come in useful, and succeeding the save, are trivial. The game is too short, with too little player control, for most choices to be meaningful at all... unless I savescum, which is dull. Either allocate more time, or provide additional control over the web of disconnected events, I believe.

OpenGL ES 3.0 Renderer: NVIDIA GeForce GT 730/PCIe/SSE2

User folder: /home/iw/.local/share/Lunaires

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Could you be, like, sick, for one week? You deserve it mate.

I am not. 64-bit Linux Mint.

Linux vers crashes on startup. Terminal displays it as a segfault.

Has potential, but the competition would be fierce. There are many games like it, especially considering the horde of similar games Vampire Survivors (a game I'm already not particularly fond of) spawned. Ideally, could be great as Nova Drift, but atm, I'd find Asteroids more engaging than the traversing circles which plague this game and genre. In this case, you simply pick a direction and move in it, until a boss spawns.

Ultimately, I hope the full game will be more entertaining than the demo.