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As others mentioned having an indicator of where to go would be helpful.
Really liked the driving and the music :)

Loved the intro cinematic :)

Gameplay also feels good I'm just not good at it 

If you would polish the camera and vehicle movement a bit I think it would be a fun experience.
Definitely has potential! :D

I like the style of this game :)

Really liked the looked of computer and how you interact with it

Liked the art-style could be a little less bright.
I had no clue what to do in the game :(

Love the art and music!
Gameplay is nice but a bit to hard for my taste

Liked the art.
Controls are bit weird and hard to figure out what to do

Liked the idea.

Had some trouble finding the googles and the platform was really difficult

Thanks for your time
Glad you liked the movement of the car :)
I wil take a look at your game now

Fun concept would love to see more levels and it would alos be nice if one round was a little bit longer in time.

Cool concept like the shifting idea

Ran into some issues where I got stuck inside objects because of the shifting.
Also had some trouble with navigation had trouble finding the toolbox

The gameplay could be a bit faster. But overall pretty fun game :)