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Hi I've just finished the demo and I can say that the game keeps me interest. Below, are my opinions about the game.


- Although there are aspects of the UI that can be improve and clean-up, overall its simple and good enough for players to understand.

- Although the choice of the sound effects in the menu screen is not good for me, it kind of hurts my ears but this is personal issue for me. I don't know if others find it as well.

- Its quite colorful and alive with all of the different designs but I got this itching feeling that the background images are a bit off , out of place or somewhat empty for me.  (including the menu screen)

For me it feels like I'm in a different game (I'll just focus instead on cute ILY), perhaps compare the current background images to a more 2D draw background? 


- The idea of a card-based battle system is not new and while taking inspiration from different card based system is good and all. I think the battle system can be unique to this game. 

- Reminds me of Rock Man and Yu-Gi-Oh, while these games are great perhaps you can expand your battle system that gives the players more option to strategies destructive and defensive measures with considerable risk so that players won't abuse the system mechanics.  

- I think the text can be adjusted a little smaller so that the "Function Window" can properly fit the text and ease the eyes of the players. 
- I've encountered some graphical issue in the battle system.

  1. The cards sometimes gets too big when I select them (I think its a bug)
  2. The enemy health shows a negative number while I think the majority of other players don't mind this, I think its a good idea to just keep it at zero if it's negative.
  3. The placement and feel of the battle system is somewhat ok for me but I do hope you improve them as sometimes it is a bit bland...
Characters and Animation:

- ILY, this character is sooo cute and lovable I believe ILY got some other nasty backstory other than the history of the ILOVEYOUVIRUS, maybe while progressing the game you might able to hack your way into her heart and relieve something ... overall she's a good character. 

- John and Lisa, while these characters aren't that bad and all I think having expression images would bring out their personalities and intentions a lot. 

- The animation on Lisa (going up and down) is somewhat wrong to me, you only move the character if they are doing something or a something came from a situation. With ILY it makes sense since she is floating in John's computer. 

- I think there should be some character consistencies in the art direction for ILY, John, Lisa and other characters, as they are somewhat different in style and design but for the enemies they are alright and are consistent. The differences can sometimes hurt the game, well for me it can.


I think the direction of the story is alright perhaps you can improve the dialog of the characters?


- I think you should not implement a dialog choice if the choice is only 1. 

- Consider having interesting dialog choices, including the perverted side of John hahaha, well its a possibility hehe. 

Music and voice acting: 
- The voice. I barely heard it 
- Music is somewhat ok for the Demo 

For now this is all that I can think of, the overall score for the version 1.1 of Softwar is  (7 / 10)

Keep it up man, you are on my watch list ;)