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Absolutely Amel

A member registered Feb 22, 2020

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I don't like sewers... the end made me re-evaluate life

The crows laugh sure is evil- Loved it. Short, sweet. Got me good a few times

Once again you did it Vidas. You thoroughly creeped me out xD loved it

Tis indeed a strange toilet, loved it a lot 

Fun concept, got me good xD

Perfect. I even predicted the ending kind of but the one sound bit made me have a laughing fit, absolutely genius. 10/10

Not gonna lie i was very lost and unable to finish it but had a good time anyway :D

Santa's been got :( amazing short game :D

Fun short game with a great secret hidden beneath the bed... 10/10

LOVE THE CONCEPT! This could be even better as a longer game. Had me panicked the whole way through :D

Well, im not eating marshmellows again any time soon... thank you for making this :D had a good time <3

As a fellow witch i was very honored to become your potion, always love the ps1 style games. Such a treat for my bday. Thank you <3

fun little game i played for my birthday :D love the detail you put into the discord chat and everything! thank you :D

Love the body horror, but also hate the body horror- great little game for my bday :D thank you for the creeps, gonna sleep great tonight...

Fun little game i played for my birthday :D took me a moment to understand- love the art aswell!

Great Premise and good mechanics! Some of the scares got me good :D 

Absolutely Amazing Concept with a lovely plot twist. Genius. Nothin bad about it except that i wanted a more haha!

Very good little game based on that one shortfilm! Not much difference in the alternate story but was still fun either way. Love the style aswell

Not at all what I expected but damn is it nice to be pleasantly surprised!

Short sweet and to the point! xD

Surprisingly I beat it first try! Funny concept, even funnier artstyle. Loved it xD

I always find my way back to the good ole corner of Spongebob Horror Games and this one certainly did not disappoint. There could have been a bit more scares around but overall i'd give this a solid 7/10 also I could knock on a vending machine so let's say 8/10

Amazing Stuff! Usually im not one to like Fnaf-type games but this one is so well made and quite stressful! The humor was great aswell. Cannot wait to see what the future holds also gotta try the hard mode sometime! keep it up Lixian :D

Ever since Spongebob Slendypants i've been an enjoyer of Spongebob horror games. This one did not disappoint. I expect silly, goofy but also something disturbing and it delivered. 9/10 Spooky Amels from me (Do wish it had a bit more jumpscarage going on though- it almost felt like it was missing)

Loved it! The writing was nice and the build up aswell. Short but sweet! 10/10 would not date Melissa again- though i'd try Morris 👀

What an amazing concept! Reminded me of those old games where you have type in text adventures but with visuals and definetly more disturbing! 10/10 experience! Recommended by this witch

Fun short game for spooktober! Loved it :D

Very well made! Lixian knows his horror and i appreciate it greatly! Very atmospheric, good sound design and great jumpscares! Solid 9/10 Candles from this witch here

Really fun and unique concept. Oddly mesmerizing!

Very fun short game, reminds me of another parking spot game but this definetly was my favourite of this kind!

Also my EARS

Excellent short little game :D A little time consuming to get all endings since it involves a lot of waiting but, unsettling nevertheless! 9/10!

This game really did me in. Amazing sound design and perfectly timed scares... ALMOST as if the game heard me talk smack! Great Job! 

Fun short little experience

Do wish there was more Horror to the Noodles and maybe a sprinkle of Jumpscare but enjoyable nevertheless :D

Music was a bop

Mindboggling ending that left me craving more 

*dancing intensifies*

Fun little game :D I personally enjoy the pixelated ones. They have that old Silent Hill-y feel to them

Got both endings. Got sassed by the dev. Got Crawling Carl. What a ride xD

What a fun experience. Short, sweet, sarcastic. LOVED IT 

Short, sweet. A little too less things happening for me but was nice nevertheless. Really loved the little things around the area as you may spot in the thumbnail lmao

My GPU is a GTX 1080 Ti and i was using the most recent 1.16 version. I was trying to restart or run as admin but it didn't work :/ 

I had no way of contacting you so i will just comment here. The game does not work for me. When I start it I hear the music and sound but there is a black screen. Really unfortunate since I wanted this game to come before my Silent Hill 4 lets play :/ Do you have a solution for it?