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Absolutely Amel

A member registered Feb 22, 2020

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Very well made! Lixian knows his horror and i appreciate it greatly! Very atmospheric, good sound design and great jumpscares! Solid 9/10 Candles from this witch here

Really fun and unique concept. Oddly mesmerizing!

Very fun short game, reminds me of another parking spot game but this definetly was my favourite of this kind!

Also my EARS

Excellent short little game :D A little time consuming to get all endings since it involves a lot of waiting but, unsettling nevertheless! 9/10!

This game really did me in. Amazing sound design and perfectly timed scares... ALMOST as if the game heard me talk smack! Great Job! 

Fun short little experience

Do wish there was more Horror to the Noodles and maybe a sprinkle of Jumpscare but enjoyable nevertheless :D

Music was a bop

Mindboggling ending that left me craving more 

*dancing intensifies*

Fun little game :D I personally enjoy the pixelated ones. They have that old Silent Hill-y feel to them

Got both endings. Got sassed by the dev. Got Crawling Carl. What a ride xD

What a fun experience. Short, sweet, sarcastic. LOVED IT 

Short, sweet. A little too less things happening for me but was nice nevertheless. Really loved the little things around the area as you may spot in the thumbnail lmao

My GPU is a GTX 1080 Ti and i was using the most recent 1.16 version. I was trying to restart or run as admin but it didn't work :/ 

I had no way of contacting you so i will just comment here. The game does not work for me. When I start it I hear the music and sound but there is a black screen. Really unfortunate since I wanted this game to come before my Silent Hill 4 lets play :/ Do you have a solution for it?

Im looking forward to the sequels. Had a friggen blast playing this. 11/10 would play Gregory again. I didnt read the description and named him Harold xD

Although it got me a little frustrated at the end- I must say i had a good time and it was well made :) 10/10 could not be bothered to go back for Max though 😂👌🏻

Short and disturbing in the grand scheme! The ending had me a little oofed but nice nevertheless!Don't think i'll eat dinner today or at a buffet ever again 

Even though I didnt make it this was SO much fun! Loved it! Hope you'll enjoy my reactions :D

Even I can fish better than that guy! But hey! Amazing little game :D I may be reading to much into it with the 'he got punished for getting greedy and fishing more than one fish' bit :p

GIVING SANTA GUNS? HECK YEAH. Some parts do become a little repetetive but as a little experience it was amazing!

Had a good few moments although some of the jumpscares made me laugh more than anything xD And the ending well..

Not bad however, keep at it :D

Honestly I had a blast playing this! Although as mentioned in the video it would be nice if there was more story to it. Maybe add a drawn cutscene at the beginning! Really liked that artstyle and approach! :D

An interesting experience. I always take a little bit of a comedic approach to these kind of games. It was short and sweet although i do have to say that the open door mechanic is a little janky. Was fun! :D

Another fantastic little experience! I played The Interview a while back and found out later this was made by you too! Although it lacks a little in the horror department It did shock me a little at the end! Looking forward to see more, Mr. Alday!

Gave me strong Silent Hill nostalgia! It has some bumps of course and some of the puzzles are a little oddly formulated. (Maybe im just dumb lmao) But overall great experience! Looking forward to more!

Gave me a good  spook and an even better laugh! Genius!


This was absolutely amazing! Sweet and heartwarming. Definetly something needed this year <3

Perfect start for Spookmas! Loved it!

Fun survey game with a Scp Containment breach easter egg, intentional or not ;) keep at it!

It was a little uneventful and the ambiance was repetitive in the long run but is an interesting plot im sure you can improve upon! :D

Fun little game, liked the concept, looking forward to more levels :D

Loved revisiting this one! So many improvements! Great voice acting, great scares, ambiance and also so much variety in terms of scares! Excited for the full game!

I LOVED the humor mixed in with the subtle eerie feeling. Very Stanley Parable! Gave me a good spook and some great laughs.

Lovely game! A bit too much reading material at once and i got stuck at one point but i liked it a lot!

Pretty neat! Although i think my game was bugged. Not sure how else to get the good ending xD

Recorded this a  while back. Enjoyed the concept even with the jumpscares it got me a few times. Really stressful haha!

Short. Disturbing. Love it.