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Thank you!!! :)

Thank you so much, we cannot express in words how grateful our entire team is to receive this.  Such an amazing game jam, amazing sponsors, amazing platform, a truly amazing theme, and absolutely incredible teams submitting stunning games.  The messaging and concepts made by every single team's game submission are seriously inspiring for the future.  Inspiring not only in games, but for all of of us as a whole and our future generations on our beautiful planet.

 - With overwhelming gratitude from the entire Weknewables team.

Thanks again so much for playing and the great feedback! We absolutely love to hear about peoples experiences, that's awesome you made it to the 3rd generation and spent some time with it!  Admittedly, I also only made it to the 3rd generation over and over during testing just because I had so much fun trying goofy tower setups.  I found myself testing the game but in reality I was just having fun trying funny strats (shhh dont tell the others) hahaha :)  That is what I love about Tower Defence (TD) games, the ability to play in your own way, fail or succeed, and then try something new while learning along the way.  For the mechanic, think of the AoE as "spreading joy to multiple people in your city at once" so rather than single target, it hits multiple people at once.  Fun tip: If you get around to playing again, check out how AoE towers like the theatre (more expensive than the park but much more effective AoE) work in combination with towers like the fish farm that add an AoE slow... Needless to say you will be making quite a bit of people happy, hopefully for many generations! 

Have a wonderful day! And an even better tomorrow, from the entire Weknewables team!

Thanks for the post!  Power towers like the solar panel have a area of effect zone around it, think of this zone as your grid that provides electricity for things to run.  Solar towers have a small zone where things like the windmills have a much larger zone.  Towers like the bees require the power from towers like the solar panel.  So  "within the power structure" just means the bees need to be placed within the range of the solar panel to be able to work. Also we highly recommend playing in full screen mode for the most immersive experience!

 I hope this helps, thanks so much for the feedback and for playing our game! :) And remember, "Weknewablesall of this today, for a better tomorrow."