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So when I played, you couldn't actually turn the music and sound off-- the settings didnt save, and there was no way to save them manually, but it has potential and is fun!

A lot of fun, its a great little game!

This looks really cute so far! I'm excited to see where it goes!

The game is totally broke for me? I tried it on web and downloading it. neither worked.

I opened the game but it wont load fully for me.

I absolutely adore this, even if I'm terrible at it. 

Cute and fun!! I really loved this and my only complaint is (while this is a full game on its own), I wish there was more! I'd play a whole open world skate 3 type of game with this. I love it!

No, as far as I could tell, it all seemed to work fine. It wasn't a matter of bugs, and all of the other types of neurons and things are totally understandable based off the little bit of information given. It's really good. My questions and stuff fell more into "How many muscles can i attach to a neuron? If I have two limbs, should I have a neuron for each arm and the muscles there? Can I make something like a frog?" (I'm still working on that frog thing, but I might be overdoing the muscle system since this is obviously a lot more simplistic.) This is great and works well!

This is really really awesome, and I'm so excited to see where this goes! (I played with my 7 year old brother watching. He was disappointed when his attempt at a human typed creation failed, but is also very eager to see what future updates bring!)

This was a delight, I cant wait for more. Was annoyed by the time it took to figure out the controls. Lovely all around.

Left click to activate option

I love this game! I can't wait to see where it goes!!

I didn't get to finish because my computer crashed the program, but its super cute looking and looks like itll be fun!! It does seem a little sensitive to control, and the walls clipped a fair bit as I walked past them. I'm excited to see the finished game!