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I will start by saying I know next to nothing about death metal. 

This is excellent, the style is irreproachable, each new traits (36 of them ! ) come with a bit of lore and mechanic, the change to 3D6 to allow for a 666 to be rolled is very smart. And when you finished reading about all the thing for the players and already ready to put the highest rating, there  is also a section fo Refere, and then some lore with a dozen organisation. 

The ambiance seems a lot darker, more like a cthulu or other horrors game than the militarist vibe of FIST, with demons and otherworldly horrors. 

The trait seems to go a little on the high end for the power end impact on game, but FIST already come with very powerfull trait, so it shoudn't be problematic to use in a standard game (and the game has the little box with advice to the refere, so it's even more easy to integrate this content in the standard game ! ) 


I already made a more complete comment on the jam page, but for peoples not interested in FIST but in super hero game : 

Super is a game about heros, they have to put back the mask in a world that made their actions unlawful. The base mechanic is based on fist, which ressemble the base of pbta with 2D6 and a partial success mechanic. The base game include 36 powers, 18 origin and 12motivation, in easy to use array, allowing to create new character for the two to three sessions that it will take to beat the vilain, which your game master can generate (with plot and power ) with more array ! 

The game is still in play testing, so only the rules are available, and (as you can read above ) one of the main thing in the rules is the beats system that make progressing your character on narrative goal instead of the classical XP. It's already an idea in FIST (in which each character has a goal that define how it advance ), but in SUPER your motivation and origin define what you do to advance and what you gain when you advance. 

All of this prelude to a very good ttrpg, and I'm waiting for the complete version, which I hope will include some lore about the world of SUPER. 

Super is superhero ttrpg loosly based on Fist, the powers works the same way as FIST's traits, you roll the dices the same way, and you play underdog in a world where vilains are against you and the system want to stop you.

The name of everything is different (the four characteristics of FIST are changed to better work with super heros, the hp are gritt,the refere is a game master ), and a few mechanic are introduced, the stress mechanic (which come replace the role of the war dice mechanic in FIST) is brillant and the advancement mechanic (For me it's a best of both world between FIST narrative objectives to advances, and pbta which design clear change based on your character ) look really fun. 

The game come with 36 powers (and it's still in public test), 18 origins and 12 motivation, allowing to randomly creating a character in no times. The game also come with multiples arrays to generate vilain, plot, and events in the spirit of the matrix arrays of FIST (And I love array ! )

What appear to be a good superhero game, would love to the final version with,I hope, more details on this world that banned super heroism. 

Two missions in one submission, with a bit of lore in the form of agent Gareth, studying the missions brief with us. And a glossary at the end that introduce a bit of background for the univers, which is always nice. 

The missions have a few images associated, that are downloaded independently. It could have been nice to have clearer indication which file is for which mission, especially since boat schematic are in both. But we can still put the schematic and the mission together with the names. 

The missions looks fun, and short enough to be played in one session I think. 

Guard is an addition to FIST, it add 36 uniques TAG for armor allowing players to personalize again the abilities of their characters. An attention on balance was clearly put in the design of each of theses, and you should be able to add them directly to your game with no fear. 

The table come with no flourish, you can simply print the pdf and use it as is. 

Thanks ! 

I also find the mix in layout not optimal, I let it be that way for that version because of time (and I don't know a lot about layout ˆˆ ). It's one of the point I will try to fix for the next version. 

Thank you for the comment !