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Abra Geroni

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sorry i didnt see - I never read annotations:>
can't wait for release, looks super cool:)

looks interesting:> will it be in english?

but... where is the game?..

I've been to all rooms, I'm not sure what to do next...

this is just SOOSO AMAXING?!?!!??!
and it's only a demo??!? oMgMGM

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I can't go up the stairs:((

Upd: Now I suddenly can:O I don't know what I did

btw how to change the scale? to see the whole map.

are these guys uncatchable?

the game is super weird, I love it!XD

that looks interesting.
why only apk tho?

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wow that's so deep, I'd probably never guess myself. But now that I know you like symbolism it will help to understand better your future games:> I'm sure they'll be great:D

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Ok I finished it and I love it - sweet ending with Raven and cool shamisen soundtrack:3








this girl is Jane, right? and she's a ghost? I might play it rushly and didn't really get the coffin ending
(btw i had to find this ÿ letter and rename the file to play:) )

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no, the same error appearsTvT. But I think I know why - one letter is replaced with another, that's why the programm can't find the file:
I think it happens automatically on my PC. MAybe if you rename the file with Latin letters only, it might help?..

this game is wonderful! It has charming weirdness and atmosphere and color palette is very fitting. Also it's rare opportunity to make a crow happy<3
but I can't proceed cos of this bug:(((

but if seriously, this game looks very promising and intriguing:D I'll wait for full version :3
also if you need half a year for this game it will be gigantic:O like hundreds hours of playtime....

also the game is really great! <3 can't say I understood everything tho.
And soundtrack is super cool!

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but you can activate the event only when coming to him from behind...

upd: oh somehow it works now! :)

this is absolutely amazing! the atmosphere is incredible - it gave me chills while nothing scary actually happened!
yes, please make more:>

after he says "they're really adorable", the game freezes:((

what to od next?TvT

try to delete all "persistent data" and "config" files

so cute so cute so cute:>

and so intriguing...

oh come on

OMG really?!! I have no words i'm so excited to see it<3<3<3

The visuals are ohhhsoamazing!!!! omo,mgmg!!!
(but the font is kinda hard to read, and also sometimes letters arent visible - hidden behind some objects)

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She didn't like how I dressed her... and wanted to change...
and overdid it a bit...

aww thank you<3<3
also I'd never guess it's an ogryn from Warhammer, he's really too cute:3

this game is so weird I love it :>


it seems the problem is my PC, not my stupidity as you  might assume<3 when I choose "work computer", all works alright:3

waaa, pixelart and animations are top notch!!<3

would be nice to know about controls in the game. I have no idea what to do - clicked on everything, nothing happens:(

ooh, I tried to play the original "imscared", but it's too scary.
it was like "where are my brown pants?" level of scary

gods bless you<3

I hope there will... it's too goodTvT

this is so amazing, I love this artstyle<3
will there ever be full version?..