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yes there are cirillic characters in layers names, try to replace them with english:>

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so it's impossible to open that "idontneedtogotherenow" door?..

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it's when you go outside, then go to the right

wowwowow it's so beautiful❤

great art requires time, deal with it

would be great:>

but at first it didnt eat the cursor, i think. I could even move the creature...
we need a cursor eating creature eater then:>

it has a bug - when you click, the cursor disappears and nothing moves. Until you press esc.

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i found it and i regret it...

I can't achive the true ending... Probably there is a correct combination of answers for that...

oooh, i didnt see you updated the comment, sorry.
you need to download "night", it's actually a windows version:)

wow, looks so great! need english translation🧡

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unzip the archive, click "LOVESICK LULLABYE.exe".
do you have Windows?

it's just a mistake in the folder's name:>

please consider making a downloadable version. It was lagging like crazy...🥺

(detailed reviews are not my strong point lol:>)

nooo, Molly is so cute, I'd die if something happened to her🥺
I wish there was more to the story, but i guess since it's a jam game you had to cut off some parts...

I wish there was a walkthrough for achieving endings... So many variants...

does it matter which one i choose to kill? (I chose the one who said "i didnt do anything wrong", bc usually they are the worst)

how many endings are here?


yes, it's a good idea to add walkthrough, and better at the same time as releasing the game. I'm afaid a lot of players won't come back to the game only to gather more achievements... Only really committed ones:>

it's made with VX Ace, so you need a windows emulator...

there are multiple endings?????

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i'm speechless... it's so great, so unexpectedly dark, so cryptic at the beginning, and so simple and sweet at the end<3

(It was a huge relief that the angel cancelled girls' death after all. I was almost disappointed...😌)

((also how can i get all achievments?))

thank you:) how didnt i notice that....

well, I plyaed all minigames, bought icecream, bought Teddy bear, no idea what to do now🤔

Amazing ❤

glad to help:D
despite of how much i love this game, replaying it all can be tedious, after i just finished replaying all the chapters:)

I used this one^
tho i'm not sure how it'd work with chapter system...

would be so much better to save that data(about Anywhere pass and dialog with Lilium) in a global save file... That way a player could skip 5,6 and 7 chapter and just download a save file from chapter 8 and still have the Pass. It can be done with a simple script:))

thank you❤

so i need to replay everything from chapter 3?.. Thank you, i guess i just need to find some letsplay and watch someone achieving those endings:))

white font is not the best choice here :)

great atmosphere, but the font is almost unreadable...

stuck at the very beginning... Can't figure out the 1st puzzle with password

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is there a full walkthrough for this game?.. Just finished replaying all chapters, but it seems I missed all the secrets again...

people disquss bad ending, but somehow I didnt get any ending...🥺
though I saw the credits... i'm confused...

that turned out to be a lethal wound in the end...

from the 2nd try i defeated her easily, i guess i just was unlucky at first

well, i finished it and I love it<3 Classic A V Dossow game - lovely freaks, grotesque violence, fart jokes - what else do we need for happiness?:)))
also - to choose an ending? It's a very unique design, i don't think i ever seen sth like that...
also - SPOILERS - bad ending is amazing and hilarious... hehehe...hehehe...